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For Everyone Who Has Experienced The Phenomenon Known As "Subway Smell"

You are not alone.

Subway Smell (adj.): The distinct smell that clings and lingers for hours or days to one that eats at Subway restaurants. The cause of the smell is currently unknown. (See also: life's mysteries.)

If you've eaten at Subway, you've been there before:

Even the elderly are catching on:

Scientifically, it takes about 5 minutes of exposure to a Subway restaurant for the smell to cling.

And it's ability to stick is strangely impressive.

For some, the smell is extreme.

There is another phenomenon directly related to the "Subway Smell" called "The Subway Struggle":

There are few out there that actually enjoy this smell:

This person even described it as "captivating":

And it made this person "moist":

But those people are rare. The majority can't stand it.

As of today, there is no actual remedy for the smell. It will stick to you as long as it wants to stick to you.

In conclusion, I just want you to know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE:

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