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    Foamhenge: The Only Stonehenge Made Of Styrofoam In The World

    There's also a statue of Merlin with a dead guy's face there.

    1. Foamhenge is a replica of Stonehenge made entirely out of styrofoam. It's located in Natural Bridge, Virginia.

    2. It's an exact replica of the one in England.

    That's me for scale.


    3. A guy named Mark Cline created Foamhenge. He's a local artist that made it because of an April Fools bet in 2004.

    4. A sign warns people that Mark Cline could be hiding in the bushes at any time. Apparently he jumps out to scare people who get too close to his precious styrofoam.

    5. Foamhenge took 6 weeks to assemble.

    6. A sign on the property said it was made by 5 Mexicans and one crazy white guy (Mark Cline).

    7. Sadly, because it's made of styrofoam, it's falling apart.

    Poor Foamhenge.

    8. For some reason there's also a statue of Merlin there. The face of the statue is actually from the cast of a dead guy's face.

    The sign says: "Merlin was cast from a mold I created directly from the face of Jamie Jordan in Waynesboro, VA on February 17, 2007 two days after his death, just shy of his sixtieth birthday. It was his request to have me create a lasting impression of him and use it appropriately as he was a big fan of my work. Jamie now lives on as part of it."

    9. And this is Merlin with the dead guy's face. His eyes are closed because his face was made from a dead guy.

    Sweet dreams!

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