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60 Things You Won't (But Also Totally Will) Believe Happened In Florida In 2020

Florida is still the state we know and love, pandemic or not.

60. The Florida man blasting the Cops theme song.

florida street racing suspect blares cops theme song during traffic stop, deputies say

59. The Florida woman who found $8.5 million worth of coronavirus stimulus in her bank account.

Central Florida woman withdrawing part of coronavirus stimulus payment finds $8.5 million in bank account
The receipt with 8 million dollars in her bank account

58. The tiger that almost ate someone's arm at Carole Baskin's Big Cat Rescue.

Tiger nearly tears off volunteer’s arm at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Carole Baskin says

57. The Florida man who really didn't want to wear a mask.

Florida man accused of threatening grocery store employees with ax after being told to wear mask

56. The Florida man who literally stole a bulldozer to run over some Biden signs.

Man in polk county steals bulldozer, runs down biden signs, police say

55. The Florida man who needed a better blonde wig.

St. Pete man donned blonde wig to commit burglary. It didn’t work, deputies say.

54. The Florida woman who was really craving the continental breakfast.

woman angry about lack of breakfast at jacksonville hotel takes truck, crashesit into pond

53. The Florida man who hung a giant roll of TP in his front yard just because.

Florida man hangs giant roll of toilet paper in front yard

52. The people in Florida who shoved hair dyers up their noses to "cure" COVID.

Blowing a hair dryer up your nose won’t kill coranavirus, despite what a Florida commissioner said

51. The Florida woman who texted 911 for the wrong reason.

50. The Florida woman selling a chicken tender for $5,000.

A Florida woman is selling a chicken tender shaped like a manatee for $5,000

49. The Florida woman who was the last to know about the coronavirus.

At a yoga retreat in Bali, there was no coronavirus. She came back to a reality with no toilet paper

48. The Florida man who really wanted his Burger King.

‘I’ll kill anybody in here.’ Man pulls gun in Bradenton Burger King drive-thru, cops say

47. The Grim Reaper who toured Florida beaches.

Man dressed as ‘Grim Reaper’ goes on Florida beach tour to scare off visitors

46. The Florida man using a drone in a pandemic for all the right reasons.

Florida man delivers toilet paper to neighbour using drone

45. The Florida man who had a little trouble parking.

Driver damages parked cars after hopping curb in Citrus County

44. The Florida man with the wrong idea for getting out of an arrest.

'I hope you catch corona': Florida man arrested after coughing on deputies, threatening to kill mom, deputies say

43. The Florida man with the fried chicken secret.

Man catches 33-inch fish off Florida coast using Publix fried chicken as bait

42. The Florida woman who still had candy canes in April.

Florida Woman Arrested After Assaulting Boyfriend With Candy Cane During Argument

41. The international flying squirrel trafficking ring that was busted.

40. The Florida man who probably shouldn't have been castrating someone.

Florida man arrested after allegedly performing botched castration surgery

39. The Florida father and son selling toxic bleach.

The COVID-19 ‘cure’ sold by a Florida father and his three sons is toxic bleach, federal prosecutors in Miami say

38. The Florida men who played Uno in the middle of traffic.

Video of men playing Uno in middle of Florida traffic goes viral

37. The Florida chew-and-spitter.

36. The passed-out Florida drag queen.

South Florida Drag Queen Goes Viral After Passing Out During Live Show, Raises Hundreds

35. The Florida man with a spray bottle of "COVID-19."

Coronavirus: Florida man arrested after spraying substance labeled ‘COVID-19;’ charges dropped

34. The influencer who took the "coronavirus challenge" a little too far.

An influencer filmed herself licking a plane toilet seat for 'clout' on TikTok as part of a 'coronavirus challenge'

33. The "eccentric" Florida primary voter.

Naked man, sprinklers, fire alarms and power outages mark weird primary in Leon County

32. The people trapped in an elevator because of an alligator.

Small Alligator Keeps Residents Trapped Inside SW Florida Elevator: Sheriff
Police officers looking a gator near an elevator

31. The Florida man who almost got away with the goods.

Florida man arrested for allegedly stealing 66 rolls of toilet paper from hotel

30. The Florida man just trying to get his golf ball.

FLorida man retrieves golf ball that landed on alligator's tail

29. The Florida man with the worst luck.

Florida man once bitten by alligator is chomped by 8-foot shark while on vacation

28. The Florida man with a lot of blood on his hands.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Florida man smears blood on windows, doors of storefronts

27. The Florida woman who takes this whole wearing-a-face-mask thing a little too seriously.

Woman at Central Florida Walmart calls mask wearers 'cult members' after being asked to leave store

26. The Florida man misting the streets with hydrogen peroxide.

Florida man mists hydrogen peroxide over Wauchula streets to combat COVID-19

25. The Florida man who smacked a cop with a Bible.

Burglary suspect, 39, dressed in only his underwear strikes florida sheriff's deputy across the face with a bible while screaming i condemn you

24. The Florida man who didn't order that burger.

RHPD reports: Man calls cops after hamburger with mayo left at his door

23. The Florida woman who really could have used Maury Povich.

Not kidding around: Woman sues for paternity test on goats

22. The Florida machete man.

Man with machete tattoo on face accused of machete attack

21. The Florida man who got lucky with his leg.

Florida man loses prosthetic leg surfing, but teen finds and returns it

20. The naked Florida man who thought he was Batman.

Naked florida man tells deputies he's batman

19. The Florida man who was *just* trying to meet his girlfriend in California.

florida man carrying nearly 500 grams of weed tries to steal plane to meet girlfriend, police say

18. The Florida man who just wanted to be the cool dad.

Police: Florida man lets 12 year old drive jeep 85 mph

17. The Florida man who got stuck in a window.

Florida man dies after window closes on him during burglary attempt, sherrif says

16. The Florida man with a parrot problem.

Tampa man quarantined alone with hundreds of parrots — but says it wasn’t by choice

15. The politicians who decided that WWE pro wrestling was "essential."

Florida deems WWE pro-wrestling 'essential business' amid coronavirus pandemic

14. The Florida woman who delivered porn-filled Easter eggs throughout her neighborhood.

Flagler County woman placed 400 pamphlets, porn-filled Easter eggs in strangers’ mailboxes, deputies say

13. The Florida man who just, like, casually won a million dollars on a scratch off.

12. The Florida woman who was really enthusiastic about buying toilet paper.

Florida Woman Yells "Go Donald Trump!" After Buying Out Store's Toilet Paper

11. The Florida man who is just really, really into candles.

Florida man driving with candle sets car on fire

10. All of the people in Florida who drank disinfectant.

After Trump's Remarks, Floridians Ask Poison Control If Drinking Disinfectant Is Safe

9. The Florida man who essentially got what he paid for.

Leopard mauls florida man who paid for full contact experience with big cat

8. The Florida woman who only needed a Band-Aid.

Woman with bullet in her head given band-aid, released from hospital

7. The Florida girl who had a pretty great strategy for getting out of doing her homework.

Florida girl put 'Help! Get Me Out of Here' sign on window because she was struggling with homework

6. The Florida underwear face mask thief.

Thief hid face with underwear while stealing Walmart electronics, sheriff says

5. The Florida man who was using Disney World as his own personal private paradise.

Report: Man caught camping on Disney’s Discovery Island says it was ‘tropical paradise'

4. The guy who got the cops called on him for yelling "shoot" during a hockey game.

3. The Florida man who has A LOT of feelings about nut milks.

whole or almond milk? fight over which is better lands florida man in jail

2. The person with a very literal label for their bag of drugs.

Narcotics Found in Package Labeled 'Bag Full of Drugs' During Traffic Stop in Florida

1. The Florida woman who REALLY needed extra dipping sauce for her nuggets.

Florida woman arrested for threatening to get McDonald's sauce 'by any means necessary'

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