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The 40 Most Florida Things That Happened In Florida In 2021

From gun fights over cream cheese to stealing tiki huts.

1. The Florida man who REALLY wanted cream cheese.

A headline that says Police: Florida man pulled gun at Starbucks over cream cheese

2. The Florida man with a Florida tattoo on his head.

A headline that says Man with Florida tattoo on forehead arrested for misuse of 911, marijuana possession

3. The Florida man who was *the* viral picture from the insurrection.

A headline that says Florida man carrying lectern in siege on U.S. Capitol arrested on Friday night

Yes, this guy.

guy carrying lectern and waving at a photographer

4. The Florida man who pretended to be a firecracker.

A headline that says “Firecracker!” – Cape Coral man wakes neighbors by screaming & pretending to be a firework

5. The Florida man who planted a banana tree in a pothole.

A headline that says Fort Myers man plants banana tree in troublesome pothole

6. The Florida man who just wanted some horses to be free.

A headline that says Florida man accused of trying to steal horses, riding them home, deputies say

7. The Florida man who happens to be a fake teen doctor who can't stop getting into trouble.

A headline that says Fake teen doctor known as ‘Dr. Love’ arrested again on fraud charges in Florida

8. The Florida couple who tried to have a wedding, like they sent out invitations and everything, at a random mansion.

A headline that says Florida couple planned wedding at mansion they had no permission to use

9. The Florida man who stole a police car...naked.

A headline that says Sheriff, report: Naked Florida man stole, crashed police car

10. The Florida man who smeared poop on yard signs.

A headline that says Neighbor smears dog poop on Fort Lauderdale man’s yard signs, video shows

11. The Florida men who couldn't catch the pig.

A headline that says 5 Florida police officers spend an hour chasing a runaway pig

12. The Florida man who happened to be a monkey whisperer.

A headline that says that Florida man known as 'Monkey Whisperer' indicted, accused of trafficking protected primates

13. The Florida woman who claimed to own Google.

A headline that says 42-year-old Summerfield woman who once claimed to own Google back in jail

14. The Florida man who took the joke a little too far.

A headline that says Florida man shot in the stomach after attempting to scare friend

15. The Florida man who kept the party going.

A headline that says Drunk man steals floating tiki hut in Key West

The US Coast Guard posted this picture on Facebook with the caption, "We'd like to remind mariners not to drink and boat."

A US Coast Guard boat going by a floating bar

16. The sinkhole that opened outside a sports bar.

a huge ass sink hole

17. The Florida woman with the 5 a.m. ritual of annoying the hell out of her neighbors.

A headline that says Florida woman accused of screaming political profanities, ringing bell at 5 a.m. each day

18. The Florida man with cocaine up his butt and nuggets on his mind.

A headline that says Naples man calls 911 about McDonald's order & says he has cocaine 'in his butt'

19. The Florida snorkeler who found 70 pounds of cocaine.

A headline that says Snorkeler finds nearly 70 lbs. of cocaine floating off Florida Keys

20. The Florida man who went berserk after a car crash.

A headline that says 'All hail Donald Trump': Florida man goes berserk following hit-and-run crash on his wedding day

21. The Florida woman who was "allergic" to drunks.

A headline that says Florida woman stabs sister with EpiPen because she’s ‘allergic to drunks,’ police say

22. The Florida man who turned his uncle's skeleton into a functioning guitar.

A headline that says Florida Metal Musician Turns Uncle's Skeleton Into 'Skelecaster' Guitar

23. The Florida woman who "cleansed" cash.

A headline that says Florida ‘witch’ swindled victims out of $100K by promising to cleanse their cash, police say

24. The Florida man who couldn't get the large iguana out of his toilet.

A headline that says Florida man tries for days to get large iguana out of his toilet

25. The Florida mother and daughter who rigged the homecoming vote.

Homecoming hack: Assistant principal, daughter charged with using computer account to steal homecoming queen vote

26. The Florida man who found a whole lot of cocaine on a casual beach walk.

A headline that says Beachgoer finds $1.5 million worth of cocaine washed ashore in Palm Beach

27. The Florida man with an emotional support python.

A headline that says Emotional support python greets officers during DUI stop

28. The Florida man who was trying to catch up on a lil' TV.

Police: Homeowners return home to find Florida burglar lying on couch watching TV

29. The Florida man who just wanted to do a little naked trampolining.

A headline that says naked man arrested after wandering into his neighbor's yard and jumping on their trampoline

30. The Florida man who tried to flirt with a judge on Zoom.

A headline that says Watch: Man in bond court attempts to virtually flirt with judge

31. The Florida woman who hacked airplanes.

Florida woman hacked flight system, cleared planes with maintenance issues to fly, police say

32. The local Tuba Florida man who was banned from playing the tuba on the beach.

A headline that says local tuba player banned from playing on fort Myers beach

33. The Florida man who stole lottery tickets and then came back for more.

A headline that says Florida man steals entire stacks of lottery tickets, returns in new clothes to steal safe

34. The Florida man who should probably keep his guns at home.

A headline that says Man in florida bar shows off gun, accidently shoots himself

35. The Florida man who had his double life exposed like oops.

A headline that says Florida man's double life is exposed in the hospital when his wife meets his fiancée

36. The Florida woman who took selfies smoking in the Capitol.

A headline that says  Largo woman smoked in Capitol during riot. Now she, husband face charges
a woman smoking a cig

37. The Florida family who sold bleach as a covid cure.

A headline that says Florida family indicted, accused of selling bleach as covid cure

38. The Florida man who really needed napkins.

Florida man uses finger guns to steal Waffle House napkins, deputies say

39. The Florida man who wore women's underwear on a flight.

A headline that says Florida man challenges mask policy on flight by wearing women's underwear on his face

40. And last but certainly not least, the Florida man who was stabbed with a swordfish.

A headline that says Florida man stabbed with a swordfish in fight

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