BuzzFeed’s 40 Best And Worst Of The Iowa Caucuses

After spending 4 days all over Iowa, here are some of my most memorable moments from the trip.

1. Best Bodyguard:

Ron Paul’s. This guy was straight out of The Sopranos.

2. Most In Need Of New Shoes:

Rick Perry.

3. Nicest Church:

The Community Church in Newton where the caucus was held.

It had a cafe!!

4. Worst Bumper Sticker:

Michele Bachmann’s bus.

5. Cutest baby:

Spotted at a Ron Paul rally in Cedar Rapids.

6. Second Cutest Baby:

This baby at the Newton caucus.

7. Most Unnecessary Amount Of Media Attention:

Michele Bachmann. For some reason, out of every stop I went to, Michele Bachmann had the most media around her. There were people from Japan and Germany and all over the place.

8. Question Rick Perry’s People Hate The Most:

Anything gay-related.

Rick Perry was asked by an audience member about his stance on gay marriage at the Nationwide Insurance headquarters in Des Moines. The lady in this picture works with him in Texas. She wasn’t pleased.

9. Biggest Ron Paul Fan:

Bob Colby. He served in the military for 22 years.

10. Biggest Rick Perry Fan:

She’s a homeschooler.

11. Most Out Of Place:

This Newt fan. At the caucus I went to in Newton, Newt came in pretty much last.

12. Most Blinging:

Rick Perry. When his ring hit the light it SHONE.

13. Worst Answer To A Question At A Meet And Greet:

Rick Santorum in Sioux City. “I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money. I want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn the money.”

14. Most Unnecessary Sign:

The press sign at the Newton, Iowa, caucus. They reserved two rows in one of the rooms for press. Only one person showed up besides me and he was from the Newton Daily News.

15. Most Curious:

This little girl wouldn’t stop looking at me.

16. Most Bored:

These kids at a Rick Santorum rally.

17. Smallest Crowd:

Rick Santorum at the Auto Museum in Knoxville, Tenneesee.

18. Favorite Old Person:

This guy. He was a Republican chair for Jasper County. He helped me get situated at the caucus.

19. Biggest Controversy:

The only drama that happened at the caucus in Newton was a ballot counting issue. The numbers weren’t adding up.

20. Best WiFi:


21. Most Patriotic:

This old lady. She owned the flag.

22. Best Artwork:

Kids in one of the rooms of the Newton caucus made this.

23. Shortest Caucus:

The one in this room. Only 2 people spoke and the vote was over in 10 minutes.

24. Best Use Of Hand Sanitizer:

25. Hardest Working Photographer:

This photog at a Rick Perry event. She was basically planking. This picture doesn’t do her justice.

26. Best Painting Of Michele Bachmann:

27. Best Pins:

Ron Paul.

28. Best Faux-Photoshop:

Michele Bachmann in the Whitehouse at her headquarters.

29. Most Humble:

Rick Santorum in his Ram 1500.

30. Biggest Applause:

Anytime Rick Santorum talked about being pro life.

31. Most Annoyed:

The people of Orange City. They were all complaining about the robocalls. A bunch of them disconnected their voicemail and unplugged their phones.

32. Most In Need Of Fashion Advice:

Everyone who worked with Rick Santorum. No more sweater vests!

33. Biggest Lifesaver:

5 hour energy got me through a lot.

34. Best Landscape:

This one in Iowa. Not sure where; no offense to Iowans, but most of Iowa looks like this.

35. Littlest Michele Bachman Fan:

36. Most Immediate Seating:

This restaurant outside a Ron Paul event in Mason City.

37. Worst Pizza:

The pizza at Bachmann headquarters.

38. Biggest Caucus Night Laugh:

In this room, the guy reading the results forgot John Hunstman. Everyone got a kick out of that. “Hunts who?”

39. Sleepiest:

At a Santorum rally in Rock Rapids.

40. Best Hat:

The tassel!

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