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12 Fast Food Items That Have A Disgusting Number Of Ingredients

I will never look at a donut the same again.

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1. Dunkin Donuts pumpkin pie donut

Around 50 ingredients

2. Burger King French toast sticks

Around 82 ingredients


3. McDonald's filet-o-fish

Around 101 ingredients

4. Taco Bell caramel apple empanada

Around 59 ingredients


5. Taco Bell Doritos loco taco

Around 44 ingredients in the shell

+ around 28 different ones in the chicken

Not to mention whatever sauce you add...

6. Also, just in the steak alone there is around 66 ingredients


7. Subway Italian sub

Around 50 ingredients in the meat

+ around 33 different ones in the bread

There are 44 in the bread alone.

There are 44 in the bread alone.

+ around 12 in the cheese, which adds up to 95 total.

There are 36 in honey mustard, FYI.

There are 36 in honey mustard, FYI.


8. Starbucks birthday cake pop

Around 60 ingredients


9. McDonald's sausage mcmuffin

Around 100 ingredients


10. McDonald's chicken caesar salad

Around 69 ingredients


11. Wendy's chili

Around 46 in the chili

But with cheese you get around 53

12. KFC pot pie

About 208. I think. My eyes hurt.


Most ingredient counts from: Food Facts. The other counts are approximate based on available data.

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