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Farrah Abraham Got Lip Implants And They Will Put The Fear Of God In You

Oh. My. Backdoor Teen Mom.

World-renowned teen mom, graphic novelist, porn star, AND frozen yogurt shop entrepreneur (YES, FOR REAL) Farrah Abraham got her lips done.

According to TMZ, it's some type of new lip implant procedure and Farrah apparently had an allergic reaction to the anesthetic they used.

THAT BEING SAID, what you are about to see will be embedded in your brain until the day you die — or at least for the rest of today, but it will probably creep into your brain tomorrow or at some random other time.

You have been warned.

Of course, and fortunately, she's had pretty good reaction to it all.

Get better, bb!

Correction: Apparently they weren't lip injections, they were lip implants! Also, she had an allergic reaction to an anesthetic. Oops!