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26 Truly Interesting Facts About The Woman With The Largest Augmented Breasts

Introducing Beshine. NSFW obviously.

1. Beshine claims to have the largest augmented breasts in the world.

2. Her upper body is literally just boobs.

3. Literally. Just. Giant. Boobs.

4. So much boobs.

5. Like they take naps on her thighs.

6. She wears 3 bras...

7. ...and they GET DESTROYED when she works out.


9. Oh, also, she named them "Boobie" and "Doobie."

10. And she refers to them as "heavy twins."

11. Beshine always has to be cognizant of her boob space.

12. Because she knocks stuff over all the time.

13. Like that time she knocked over 2 bottles of wine at a restaurant.

14. Or that time she lost her phone in her boobs.

15. She also has this problem where her feet don't grow...

16. ...and they eat a lot...

17. ...and basically everything is more difficult.

18. Having huge boobs does have some advantages though!

19. Like they can be used as shields.

20. Or for storage.

21. It's always fun to see people's reaction.

22. She can use her old implants as Christmas decorations.

23. And it's funny how they jiggle when she drives.

24. At her core, Beshine seems really sweet.

25. She's just a little more augmented than most.

26. Sweet dreams!