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Fab Or Drab At The Republican National Convention

I've been walking around the RNC for the past few days checking out all the hot fashion looks! Check 'em out!

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FAB: This couple wearing matching yellow suits

Yellow suits! Love how he totally doesn't give a care about wearing sneakers with it. Bold look for a bold dude. Also, they're a totally fab couple. I LOVE COUPLE COSTUMES!


FAB: This lady from Hawaii whose lei lit up

Hawaii wore Hawaiian shirts. Typical, but fab. Hawaiian print is in in Europe or something.

AND her lei lit up. I love a little pizzazz

FRAB: (Hidden) tiny hat lady

Frab = fab + drab combined.

Okay, so if you know my fashion sense, then you know how much I love tiny hats. Always fab. So, I wanted to mega fab this, but I can't. Get the feathers out of the way, lady. I want to see your little hat!

FAB: West Virginia American flag suspenders guy

All the delegate from West Virginia wore hard hats. This guy totally stood out and demanded attention with his American flag suspenders. FAB.

FAB: Tea bag fuzzy pink cowboy hat lady

Yes, I know what you're thinking right now: "Tea bags are so 2010." And yes they are, BUT, I've never seen them attached to a fuzzy pink cowboy hat.

FRAB: Oklahoma

This is what most of the delegates from Oklahoma wore.

And I know it totally violates my blue rule... but I just can't fall in love with that patch. Patches are in. FRAB.

DRAB: The gogo boys at the GOProud party

I understand it's a party for gay Republicans so it was conservative, but GIVE ME A BREAK. There is entirely not enough skin showing. Also, those jeans. Drab drab drab.

All photos by Matt Stopera. By the way, I know absolutely nothing about fashion. Sorry!

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