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    Fab Or Drab At The Republican National Convention

    I've been walking around the RNC for the past few days checking out all the hot fashion looks! Check 'em out!

    FAB: These ladies from Texas

    Drab: This guy who carried a giant metal sign around the arena in circles


    DRAB: Beanie Baby hat lady

    FAB: THIS lady who wore a Beanie Baby on her head

    FAB: Bear hat Evangelical lady

    Drab: Raging Granny with a giant metal spoon

    FAB: This couple wearing matching yellow suits

    DRAB: This blue blazer

    FAB: Fringe lady

    DRAB: The delegates from Colorado

    FAB: Abe Lincoln

    FAB: Montana

    FAB: Feather hats

    DRAB: This sweater/shirt

    FAB: These blinged-out sunglasses with matching earring bling

    DRAB: Mitt Romney trucker hats

    FAB: Kansas basketball guy

    FAB: The Wicked Witch

    FAB: Gold elephant belt lady

    FAB: Fighter planes and American flag shirt guy

    FAB: American flag cowboy boots

    FAB: Vagina lady

    DRAB: California

    FAB: This lady from Hawaii whose lei lit up

    FAB: The ladies of North Dakota

    DRAB: New Mexico

    FAB: This elephant stuffed animal

    FRAB: (Hidden) tiny hat lady

    FAB: West Virginia American flag suspenders guy

    DRAB: Liberal occupy couple

    FAB: Tea bag fuzzy pink cowboy hat lady

    FAB: This lady's sweater/earrings combo

    Drab: Guy who thinks it's the 1920s

    FAB: Shirley Wiseman's bag

    FRAB: Oklahoma

    FAB: This dude from American Samoa

    FAB: Marijuana beanie man

    FAB: Ron Paul dog

    FAB: Elephant belt lady #2

    DRAB: The gogo boys at the GOProud party

    FAB: This lady's big toe.

    DRAB: Jester hats

    FAB: Beer hat dude

    FAB: Sequined vest lady

    DRAB: The RNC 2012 visors

    All photos by Matt Stopera. By the way, I know absolutely nothing about fashion. Sorry!