Fab Or Drab At The Republican National Convention

I’ve been walking around the RNC for the past few days checking out all the hot fashion looks! Check ‘em out!

1. FAB: These ladies from Texas

Love how they totally own the “Texas look.” I know denim skirts get a bad rap, these ladies are totally owning it. Fab!

2. Drab: This guy who carried a giant metal sign around the arena in circles

A giant metal sign is not a proper accessory!!!


I mean… how could I not fab these.

4. DRAB: Beanie Baby hat lady

You can’t just attach a Beanie Baby to your hat!! That is not a thing!! (I do like the bird, though.)

5. FAB: THIS lady who wore a Beanie Baby on her head

Now THIS is how you wear a Beanie Baby on a hat!

6. FAB: Bear hat Evangelical lady

She has a bear… on her hat. ‘Nough said. Mega fab.

7. Drab: Raging Granny with a giant metal spoon

I don’t get it.

8. FAB: This couple wearing matching yellow suits

Yellow suits! Love how he totally doesn’t give a care about wearing sneakers with it. Bold look for a bold dude. Also, they’re a totally fab couple. I LOVE COUPLE COSTUMES!

9. DRAB: This blue blazer

BLUE? Really???? It’s the RNC. At the RNC you wear red. End of story. Bye.

10. FAB: Fringe lady

Love fringe. It’s really in in Spain right now.

11. DRAB: The delegates from Colorado

Colorado, I wanted to love you. I really did. I just wanted some more originality. You’re not Texas!

12. FAB: Abe Lincoln

He’s Abe Lincoln. Totally legendary, he’s like the inventor of fab.

13. FAB: Montana

Montana delegates had these awesome denim vests. Prints are in this season, so this is, too. Also, I think denim vests are an underutilized fashion medium.

14. FAB: Feather hats

Simple fab elegance.

15. DRAB: This sweater/shirt

Too confusing for me. Ain’t nobody got time for (reading) that!

16. FAB: These blinged-out sunglasses with matching earring bling

Bling is SUPER, BEYOND in at the RNC this year. I absolutely adore the detail on these glasses. Mega fab.

17. DRAB: Mitt Romney trucker hats

A lot of people were wearing these trucker hats on the floor. Derrr-ab.

18. FAB: Kansas basketball guy

Very sporty.

19. FAB: The Wicked Witch

Very cinematic.

20. FAB: Gold elephant belt lady

I love elephant belts. I also love American prints. Werk, Elephant Belt Lady!

21. FAB: Fighter planes and American flag shirt guy

Very fun. Fab and fresh (F&F). But seriously, this is awesome.

22. FAB: American flag cowboy boots

Another unconventional choice that totally blew my mind. FAB FAB FAB.

23. FAB: Vagina lady

Realistic-ish. Also daring.

24. DRAB: California

A pin. That’s it. That’s all that distinguished California from the other delegates. More effort, please!

25. FAB: This lady from Hawaii whose lei lit up

Hawaii wore Hawaiian shirts. Typical, but fab. Hawaiian print is in in Europe or something.

AND her lei lit up. I love a little pizzazz

26. FAB: The ladies of North Dakota

Love the simple black shirt with the fab rhinestones. Not too flashy, yet not too boring. Faaaab.

27. DRAB: New Mexico

New Mexico had teal polos. Points for having a matching theme, but I just can’t fab a polo! I do like that color, though.

28. FAB: This elephant stuffed animal

Great use of accessories.

29. FRAB: (Hidden) tiny hat lady

Frab = fab + drab combined.

Okay, so if you know my fashion sense, then you know how much I love tiny hats. Always fab. So, I wanted to mega fab this, but I can’t. Get the feathers out of the way, lady. I want to see your little hat!

30. FAB: West Virginia American flag suspenders guy

All the delegate from West Virginia wore hard hats. This guy totally stood out and demanded attention with his American flag suspenders. FAB.

31. DRAB: Liberal occupy couple

Too forward for my liking. I would also like a sparkle or two.

32. FAB: Tea bag fuzzy pink cowboy hat lady

Yes, I know what you’re thinking right now: “Tea bags are so 2010.” And yes they are, BUT, I’ve never seen them attached to a fuzzy pink cowboy hat.

33. FAB: This lady’s sweater/earrings combo

Simple homemaker chic. Really fab.

34. Drab: Guy who thinks it’s the 1920s

It’s not the 1920s.

35. FAB: Shirley Wiseman’s bag

LOVE the simple elephant detail. If you’re not going the FUCK YEAH AMERICA route, this is a perfect look.

36. FRAB: Oklahoma

This is what most of the delegates from Oklahoma wore.

And I know it totally violates my blue rule… but I just can’t fall in love with that patch. Patches are in. FRAB.

37. FAB: This dude from American Samoa

Love the “traditional” aspect of his outfit. Also daring.

38. FAB: Marijuana beanie man

An excellent example of how to “wear your cause.” We know exactly what’s up. F-A-B.

39. FAB: Ron Paul dog

Definitely the best dressed canine at the RNC. Love the subtly of his Ron Paul support. A+.

40. FAB: Elephant belt lady #2

Another elephant belt! Yes! LOVE this design. It’s like a classy version of human centipede with elephants. Dare I say daring?!

41. DRAB: The gogo boys at the GOProud party

I understand it’s a party for gay Republicans so it was conservative, but GIVE ME A BREAK. There is entirely not enough skin showing. Also, those jeans. Drab drab drab.

42. FAB: This lady’s big toe.


43. DRAB: Jester hats

I might have liked this more in the Medieval Times. Drab.

44. FAB: Beer hat dude

To be totally honest I don’t get it, but I do love fashion risks. This was most daring/original hat choice at the convention.

45. FAB: Sequined vest lady

Yes! Finally! This is what fab is all about. Sequins, baby!

46. DRAB: The RNC 2012 visors

I know we’re in Florida, buuuut it’s a visor. You’re not supposed to wear these! BEYOND drab.

All photos by Matt Stopera. By the way, I know absolutely nothing about fashion. Sorry!

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