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    Everything You Need To Know About Stonehenge II

    Did you know there's a huge replica of Stonehenge appropriately named Stonehenge II located about 100 miles outside of Austin, Texas?!?! Well, there is -- and here's everything we learned about it.

    This plaque was all we saw when we got to where we thought Stonehenge II was.

    The plaque says: "Stonehenge II. The original, located on the Salisbury Plain in England, was built over 3500 years ago. Its purpose is unknown and perhaps unknowable."

    Luckily, some nice Texans stopped and told us Stonehenge had been moved from this field to Ingram, Texas, (7 miles down the road) because the owner was selling his property.

    So, we went to Ingram and here's what we saw.

    This is Stonehenge II:

    And here's how it was built:

    In 1989, Doug Hill tipped a massive piece of limestone rock he had left over building himself a patio onto his neighbor’s Al Shepperd’s field.

    The original stone is the one in the middle.

    After looking at the rock and joking about it for months, Al and Doug decided to build an arch behind the rock to make it more visible to people driving past. When the arch was built, it reminded Al of the original Stonehenge in England.

    Al commissioned Doug to build the whole thing. There are only two actual pieces of rock in the entire structure. Most of it is made out of concrete and steel.

    The whole thing took 9 months to make.

    A year and a half later Shepperd added two 13-ft. tall Easter Island heads after visiting Easter Island.

    Al Shepperd died in 1994; since his death, his family, with the help of neighbors, has maintained the statues and grounds.

    Other random facts:

    Stonehenge II was featured as a backdrop for a scene in an early episode of Friday Night Lights.

    Stonehenge II is 90% as tall as the original and 60% as wide as the real stonehenge.

    This was a random picture on a plaque with no explanation. We have no idea what's happening it in. Thoughts?

    And here's a picture of me being sacrificed.