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    Everything You Need To Know About "Heterosexual Awareness Month"

    If you didn't already know, it's Heterosexual Awareness Month! It may or may not be real. Judge for yourself. Anyway, let's see what you've missed so far.

    First off, Heterosexual Awareness Month is apparently a thing.

    It got off to a rough start.

    Damn you, Anderson Cooper!

    But that didn't stop them!

    Yay heteros!

    July 6 was "Straight Pride Day"

    Woo hoo!!

    On July 6 we learned that "Closet Heterosexuals" are a thing.

    And on July 7 we learned how to come out of the closet as a hetero teen.

    They were trying to come up with a flag a few days later.

    And even even made a certificate to proclaim your heterosexuality.

    Friday The 13th was another occasion to celebrate being straight.

    International Day Against Heterophobia was announced on that same day.

    A call for volunteers was announced a few days later.

    And pancakes!

    Okay I think you get the point, so in conclusion, here are a bunch of hilarious image macros.

    Check out the Facebook group for yourself here.