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20 Things That Are Highly Problematic

Please be sensitive.

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1. This is problematic to real "chidlren" who suffer from abnormally large hair.

2. This is problematic to people who are so poor they can only go to Some of Garden.

3. This baby wearing crepeface is problematic to babies with pancakes for faces.

4. This is problematic to anyone who has ever worn eyeliner to a My Chemical Romance concert.

5. This bikini car wash dog is problematic to the real men and women who struggle at bikini car washes every goddamn day.

6. This photo is problematic for anyone who has ever felt the trauma of trying to sneak out of someone else's picture.

7. Problematic to snowpeople.

8. Real balloon animals find this cat picture super problematic.

9. Obviously problematic to nuns.

10. Problematic to the mannequin devil-worshipper community.

11. Problematic to 13-year-olds who identify as 12.

12. Problematic to people who prefer arugula.

13. This woman pees in a jar. That's problematic.

14. This grandpa is problematic. He's neglecting thousands of years of sprinkle-cheese tradition. It's called parmesan cheese for a reason.

15. Problematic to all your friends in high school with bad memories of mall cops.

16. Birds find this picture problematic.

17. Problematic to Jewish bowling balls.

18. This problematic picture gives unrealistic expectations to praying mantises.

19. I have no idea what is going in this picture of Christina Aguilera but it has to be problematic.

20. Problematic to literally everyone.

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