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Forget The Other Boys, Niall Has The Best Solo One Direction Song

I have something to say and I'm a millennial Leo, so I will say it.

You know, I loved "Pillowtalk." Great song. Cool vibe.

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"Sign of the Times" is great, too! I love a vocalist with charm!

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That song by Louis was a...moment.

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That Louis and the other guy from the Chainsmokers. Cool dudes!

And Liam Payne is doing things with that club song thing.


But then I thought to myself: WHAT ABOUT NIALL?

I went to bed distressed and confused.

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I rolled around for hours, the lyrics of "Pillowtalk" racing through my mind.

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I woke up suddenly, mid–fever dream about Niall's chest hair.

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I rolled over in my bed, smiled, and said to myself: "You know what? 'Slow Hands' is actually the best song out of all the One Direction solo songs!"

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This, ladies, gays, and random people, is your best solo 1D song so far!

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"This Town" doesn't count. She's a cute girl but she's no "Slow Hands."

I went to Twitter to look for like-minded people with taste.

According to my caculations ∆ = b² - 4 a c -b± √∆ x1,2 = ———— 2a slow hands is the best solo 1d single

Sometimes I really love the internet because it connects people who like culture.

Slow hands is the best song that any of the boys have released. Fight me.

I love people who recognize art when they hear it.

Slow Hands is the best single to exist and that's just the tea

So yeah, I just wanted you guys to know that "Slow Hands" is the best song...and that's that on that.

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It's also top five on iTunes.

  1. So, what do YOU think?

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So, what do YOU think?
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    Yes, "Slow Hands" is the best.
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    No, "Pillowtalk" is better.
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    Well, actually "Sign of the Times" is the best.
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    Imagine not thinking "Just Hold On" wasn't the best song?
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    OK, but "Strip That Down" really is that song!
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