Everyone Just Found Out Florence Pugh Has A Hot Brother Who Was Also On "Game Of Thrones"

    Another day, another hot-celebrity-sibling discovery.

    You've seen probably three dozen Florence Pugh BuzzFeed posts in the past week. She's somewhat our new Sophie Turner.

    Yesterday, everyone found out Florence has a good-looking brother who was on Game of Thrones. Some might even call him hot.

    His name is Toby Sebastian and he's an actor and a singer.

    On Game of Thrones, he played Trystane Martell in seasons 5 and 6.

    And here he is showing off his vocal abilities singing a song called "Toothpaste Kisses."

    Anyway, here are some more pictures of him. I am getting Joe/Will-from-You vibes, minus the whole murderous manipulative monster.

    Here he is drinking coffee.

    Here is a picture of him standing in a suit.

    Here are all of the Pugh siblings together.

    And here's a picture of him being a supportive brother.

    It's just nice to see.