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Even Sandy Can't Stop New Yorkers From Being New Yorkers

New Yorkers are a special breed of people. Here's how they've dealt with the disaster so far.

During the storm...

Some lunatic took his WaveRunner out on the Hudson River.

Hipsters snorkeled in Greenpoint.

John Taggart / Via Facebook: jtagg

And people secured their precious bikes up high.

Via Twitter: @i!/MargauxZ/media/slideshow?

Meanwhile, firefighters came to the rescue.

Via Twitter: @i!/TIME/media/slideshow?

And hospital workers did too.


The morning after New Yorkers saw the damage.

Some took advantage of the disaster.

While others used the occasion to make an extra buck.

Phones needed to be charged.

And those with power came to the rescue.

There were bikes that charged phones.


And even fire.

But New Yorkers still needed the two things they love the most...


And pizza.

There's no stopping pizza.

Even in the dark there was pizza.

But in all seriousness, New Yorkers came together.

Allison Joyce / Getty Images

Doctors offered their services free of charge.

People opened their homes.

Restaurants gave away free food.

And people showed their true New York spirit.

So yeah, everyone has had enough.

But stores will open.


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