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16 Essential Moves For Dancing To An *NSYNC Ballad

Learn. Try. Practice.

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All of the following GIFs were taken from this video of *NSYNC performing "This I Promise You" at MTV's "Snowed In" circa 2000.

Each of the following techniques are tried and tested.

1. The Gum Sway

How you do it: Sway back and forth to the beat of the song. Chew your gum with each sway. Wear burettes.

2. The Ugly Cry

How you do it: Cry. Chew your gum. Cry.

3. The Water Bottle Wave

How you do it: Hold your water bottle in the air. Do the wave. Stay hydrated.

4. The Single Tear

How you do it: Cry one tear at a time. Release each tear whenever a camera is near.

5. The Poster Wiggle

How to do: Rip out a poster from "J-14." Then jiggle and scream.

6. The Tongue Bite

How you do it: Stick your tongue out. Bite it.

7. The Brace Twitch

How you do it: Open your mouth as wide as you can. Show off your braces. Close your mouth. Dance.

8. The Hypno-Trance Partial Lyric Lip-Sync (HTPLLC)

How you do it: Zone out. Mouth about 1/2 of the words in slow motion.

9. The Bounce And Shake

How you do it: Bounce and shake regardless of the tempo of the song.

10. The Friend Glance Whimper

How you do it: Cry. Then look at your friend for validation. You want to show them that you're a bigger fan because you're crying.

11. The Can't Contain Yourself Scream

How you do it: Let emotion take over your body. Then, regardless of song temp, scream.

12. The "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

How you do it: Leave your mouth slightly open and say "yeahhhhhhhhhh." Repeat.

13. The Bucket Hat Belt-It-Out

How you do it: Wear a bucket hat. Then belt it out.

14. The Scream Sing

How you do it: Look angry. Scream the words. Maybe if you scream sing loud enough, they'll hear you. They won't.

15. The Friend Check

How to do it: Do the wave. Then look at your friend, try to connect and have a moment with them, realize they're not paying attention. Awkwardly look away.

16. The "OhMyGod I'm Gonna Cry" But You Don't Actually Cry

How you do it: Cover your mouth. Say "Oh my God." Force yourself to cry. Realize you can't actually force yourself to cry. Pretend.


Here's another gif of "The Ugly Cry." This is the most important move, so that's why I'm posting it again.

Watch the full performance here. Try out the techniques. Practice.

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