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Eminem's Daughter Hailie Has Grown Up To Be An Instagram Influencer Because Of Course That Happened

She's also 23 now.

Hailie is Eminem's daughter he sang about all the time in like 1998.

Well, I have great news for you: She's an Instagram influencer now who goes by Hailie Jade!

Hailie Jade's feed features all of the influencer classics, like pictures holding cups of tea:

Pictures in athleisure wear staring out at bodies of water after doing light hikes:

A picture with a random wagon and flowers in what appears to be a parking garage:

More tea pics:

Drinking Starbucks:

A picture with a smoothie:

A picture with a hamburger:

A picture leaning against a wall with graffiti on it:

Another picture looking off into the distance:

And here she is just, like, crossing a street:

All influencer classics.

Hailie has 1.7 million followers.

She has a very organized and aesthetically pleasing story setup:

And her captions are inspirational and aspirational:

Best of luck and many more photo shoots with wagons in parking garages to you, Hailie!