People Are Sharing Their Weird Bedside Tables After Elon Musk Shared A Bizarre Picture Of His Own

    It's the caffeine-free Diet Coke for me.

    Elon Musk is back at it again!

    This time, he shared a picture of his *interesting* bedside table:

    Twitter: @elonmusk

    Which, like, what?

    A woman sips from a mug as she looks at a laptop

    Let me break it down for you...

    There's a wooden box with a painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware River. There's also a replica musket.

    Then there's another fake gun, which is apparently a toy.

    Then we have four cans of caffeine-free Diet Coke.

    That's a bottle of water in the forefront, and in the back is a group of books which Insider says includes George Washington's Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation.

    This is a Buddhist ritual object that the New York Post says is called a "Vajra Dorje."

    And lastly, those are ring stains. Lots and lots of ring stains.

    Even he knew it was messed up.

    There is no excuse for my lack of coasters

    Twitter: @elonmusk

    The reaction was immediate.

    Boy got four diet cokes and a foam gun 💀

    Twitter: @JonResurrected

    People started sharing their own bedside tables.

    Twitter: @bigoatmilkies

    And let me tell you, I'm intrigued!

    My bedside table

    Twitter: @wrnk_art

    There were guns and Bibles.

    @elonmusk This is my bedside table.

    Twitter: @b_bongoosie

    There were bananas and Drew Barrymore magazines.

    @elonmusk #Alpha My bedside table . ✨💖✨☕️😌🍌✨💖✨ / Twitter: @CurtINFJT

    A large melon.

    Twitter: @EvanPerc_

    And slightly terrifying knives.

    Twitter: @porterkainu

    You can tell a lot about a person from what's on their bedside table.

    @elonmusk My bedside table. Sorry it’s not threatening anyone. Well, maybe the books being present could trigger some people…

    Twitter: @sglockenspeil

    Some are pretty tame...

    Twitter: @faithaselby

    ...while others are a bit more busy.

    Twitter: @ZatannaZorElle

    There were minimalists.

    @elonmusk My bedside table....... ?????

    Twitter: @BabsJones12

    While others were a bit more extra.

    Twitter: @DarnSocial

    "Are we doing 'my beside table looks better than the uber billionaire?'" this person asked.

    @elonmusk Are we doing “my bedside table looks better than the über billionaire”? I’m doing it, ok? By the way, that’s my night tea mug. I haven’t cleaned it yet, but I actually have to do it myself, so I’m going to do it now. Otherwise it’s clean.

    Twitter: @Alice73116809

    Lots of people have piles of books.

    Twitter: @davidnaylor

    A can of pineapple juice and a large hammer.

    Twitter: @DLSingleRider

    More guns.

    Twitter: @DanielH13827069

    A Midnights vinyl, some whiskey, and another large firearm.

    Twitter: @benadryl2001

    Just some lotion.

    Twitter: @thepee83

    A bunch of Capri Suns.

    Twitter: @minimvl13

    A package of Oreos.

    Twitter: @chrsjcksn

    And a very, very sick person.

    Twitter: @mrs_efron_6

    So, yeah, I still want to know more about the caffeine-free Diet Coke...

    ...because honestly, what's the point in that?!