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Here's How Zara Larsson Met Her Hot-Ass Boyfriend With One Thirsty Tweet

It started with a thirsty-ass tweet. It ended in love. This is my dream.

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Zara Larsson is a talented vocalist who comes from the magical land of where all good pop music is made: Sweden. She had a massive hit last summer everywhere except the US because Americans don't like nice things (no offense).

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Zara is cool, funny, talented, and great...but that's not what I wanted to talk about today. I wanted to talk about how she found her man on Twitter. I've actually been following this story for a while but I didn't *really* believe it was true. Well, clickers of this article, it is true and you should read it.


Now they comment constantly on each other's social media, which normally I would find gross, but it's actually cool because who doesn't dream about being a horny freak and tweeting a picture of a hot guy and then actually dating that hot guy!


Yesterday, Zara posted this picture with Brian:

Instagram: @zaralarsson