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Here's How Zara Larsson Met Her Hot-Ass Boyfriend With One Thirsty Tweet

It started with a thirsty-ass tweet. It ended in love. This is my dream.

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Zara Larsson is a talented vocalist who comes from the magical land of where all good pop music is made: Sweden. She had a massive hit last summer everywhere except the US because Americans don't like nice things (no offense).

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Zara is cool, funny, talented, and great...but that's not what I wanted to talk about today. I wanted to talk about how she found her man on Twitter. I've actually been following this story for a while but I didn't *really* believe it was true. Well, clickers of this article, it is true and you should read it.

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Way back in what feels like the Middle Ages, November 2015 to be exact, Zara Larsson tweeted about a man she found a picture of on the internet and thought was hot.

Like all of us horny thirst queens, Zara posted this picture of the same mysterious man in early January 2016, that caption being the very romantic "slice me with that jawline."

The mystery man was identified as English model Brian H. Whittaker. He's hot and all but...but as the gays say, it* gets better.

*"it" meaning this story.

*"it" meaning this story.

They met. How do I know? Well because of this Snapchat:

Zara's Snapchat

Then Zara tweeted:

They're dating and in love. I'm rotting.

Now they comment constantly on each other's social media, which normally I would find gross, but it's actually cool because who doesn't dream about being a horny freak and tweeting a picture of a hot guy and then actually dating that hot guy!

Here's a comment he left in Swedish on her Insta:

That translates roughly to: "Hey darling."

To which she commented back, "my heeaarrtttt."

This comment is cute:

And this comment is adorable:

Zara and Brian make me believe in being my most thirstiest self.


Let's end the story where we began: Zara's original tweet in 2015.

Yesterday, Zara posted this picture with Brian:

Instagram: @zaralarsson

The caption:

In conclusion, if you are horny enough and are a talented Swedish pop star, then maybe your thirsty tweets will lead you to love.


The end.

H/t Sami Larsson

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