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    All The Girls You Grew Up With In The Early 2000s Are Currently Thriving — Like, It's Actually Surprising How Well They're All Doing

    Finally, some good news.

    Hello, hello, hello.

    Older woman ringing a large bell outdoors

    I actually have some good news to share!

    Older woman reclining and with her finger touching her chin

    It appears that almost all of our favorite women from the '90s and early '00s are thriving, and I just thought we should celebrate that.

    Older woman holding a Pride flag

    First and foremost, after 14 years, Britney Jean Spears is a FREE woman.

    She just celebrated her 40th birthday with her super-hot husband.

    And yes, I said "husband," because they got married.

    Now for Lindsay.

    Lindsay Lohan on the red carpet in jeans

    In case you didn't know, you are currently living through the "Lohan-issance."

    Lindsay is booked and busy with Netflix gigs.

    AND she also JUST got married.

    Next up we have Avril Lavigne, who just re-created her Let Go album cover in celebration of its 20th anniversary.

    She recently released a critically acclaimed album.

    Also, just, like, everyone wants to be her now.

    Avril and Olivia Rodrigo standing together

    Jessica Simpson is doing better than ever, with a massive family.

    School’s out for summer for #BIRDIEMAE ☀️

    Twitter: @JessicaSimpson

    She recently recorded new music for the first time in YEARS.

    Thank you to everyone who has supported me to put my voice back into the world. I have never released music without a record label so in a lot of ways I feel like a new artist.

    Twitter: @JessicaSimpson

    She's also over four years sober and looking happier and healthier than ever. In her own words, "I am free."

    Twitter: @JessicaSimpson

    AND she's gained total control of her fashion brand.

    TODAY after 3 years of hearing “NO. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. STAND DOWN. ITS TOO HARD …” I am truly humbled to reclaim 100% ownership of MY name and my brand. It was a long journey getting to this point.

    Twitter: @JessicaSimpson

    Also, in case you didn't know, Jessica's daughter is BFFs with Kim Kardashian's daughter.

    CAMP NORTH was magic! Thank you @KimKardashian for giving Maxwell the time of her life and takin’ care of my little lady on her first “camp sleep away” trip! I’m comin’ next time! 💚

    Twitter: @JessicaSimpson

    Her sister, Ashlee, also seems to be doing great.

    Believe it or not, her son with Pete Wentz just turned 14.

    Nelly Furtado just celebrated the 15th anniversary of her iconic Loose album.

    Cover of the Loose CD

    Judging from her IG bio, she must be busy with her three kids.

    "Mother of 3 beautiful children, ages 18, 4, and 3 / singer, songwriter, performer, producer"

    Janet Jackson is stunning crowds again.

    She put on an incredible performance at the Essence Music Festival last week.

    "Take Me Away" singer Fefe Dobson just made a bit of a comeback.

    She just released some new music.

    Remember Samantha Mumba?

    View this video on YouTube


    She seems well! She's been performing on the Pride circuit.

    And she looks especially happy with her daughter, Sage.

    I feel like I'm the only one who listens to "Another Dumb Blonde" in 2022.

    View this video on YouTube

    Geffen Records

    But Hoku seems great.

    She also has a really cute IG bio.

    "Just Another Dumb Blonde / eating a Burrito on this Perfect Day / Daughter of Mr. Tiny Bubbles"

    Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice, just celebrated her first wedding and 24th relationship anniversary.

    Victoria Beckham and Mel B just reunited for a 25th friendship anniversary dinner.

    Mel C looks happy.

    And Geri Halliwell is taking private helicopter rides to here and there.

    Cameron Diaz just announced she's coming out of retirement.

    Drew Barrymore has a wildly successful talk show.

    Drew in a long gown and matching cape on the red carpet

    Kelly Clarkson is *the most* successful talk show host.

    Kelly Clarkson on the Kelly Show

    Her show just won seven daytime Emmys.

    Kelly winning a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show

    Raven-Symoné is always posting pics with her wife.

    Anna Kournikova is still with Enrique Iglesias, which I always find interesting because they are one of the most elusive and longest-lasting couples.

    JoJo just wrapped up her 2022 tour.

    And Christy Carlson Romano went viral all last year for her weird YouTube videos.

    View this video on YouTube

    Christy Carlson Romano / Via

    Tiffani Thiessen is living the full-on influencer life with her fam of four.

    Tia and Tamera Mowry just celebrated their 44th birthday.

    Alicia Silverstone started an organic food lifestyle company. According to her IG bio, they just started selling apple cider vinegar gummies.

    Danielle Fishel also seems well!

    She has a Boy Meets World podcast called Pod Meets World.

    Paris Hilton just got married for the first time.

    Paris and her husband toasting each other in front of the wedding cake

    Nicole Richie celebrated her 40th birthday by lighting her hair on fire.

    Christina Aguilera has been releasing Spanish-language EPs.

    Mariah Carey is going No. 1 every year — like, it has become a tradition for "All I Want for Christmas Is You" to go No. 1 every December now.

    Mariah Carey celebrating Christmas in a sparkly red costume

    SMG and FPJ are still going strong.

    They celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary last year.

    Hilary Duff just had her third baby and is starring in How I Met Your Father.

    Mandy Moore just announced she's having a second child.

    She also has a wildly successful acting career.

    Mandy Moore and Milo acting in This Is Us

    Beyoncé is currently in the Top 10 on the Billboard charts.

    Close-up of Beyoncé looking into the camera

    Jennifer Lopez has a successful Netflix documentary out.

    Jlo is performing in front of "Marry me" signs

    She's also living her best 2002 life.

    JLo with Ben Affleck

    And last but certainly not least, I'm sure you were wondering about this one, but Willa Ford seems well!