A Dunkin' Donuts In Maine Is Going Viral Because Of Their Weird, Chaotic Pumpkin Spice Latte Sign That Encompasses 2020

    "Put it back, you cowards!"

    2020 is the year of chaos.

    In the beginning of the year we were so young, so naive.

    We watched Parasite.

    We loved baby versions of bigger things.

    Baby Yoda holding a cup of tea

    We stanned Charlotte Awbery.

    But alas, here we are, time goes on. Summer is already over. Time isn't real.

    An old woman at a computer looking sad

    But hey, it's PSL season!

    Three girls jumping for joy

    Dunkin' Donuts has started serving PSLs and a store in Portland, Maine, is going viral for their extremely chaotic, extremely 2020 sign advertising them.

    Jesenia Santana saw the sign and snapped a picture of it. She posted it on Facebook with the caption "Forest ave dunkin has some weird energy right now."

    it says Uh Oh Spicy! Pumpkin! HAHAHAHAHA Pumpkin Tasty

    Extremely chaotic, extremely 2020 energy indeed.

    Uh Oh Spicy! Pumpkin! HAHAHAHAHA Pumpkin Tasty

    The sign went super viral on Twitter with over 37,000 retweets.

    Dunkin Donuts is out here having a breakdown like the rest of us

    Unfortunately, the sign wasn't up for very long and was taken down.

    @tdwightdavis update: they're making him take it down

    Its been replaced with something way less interesting.