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    Dua Lipa Meeting Her 80-Year-Old Superfan Is The Serotonin Boost You Desperately Need Today

    Some things are just too pure for this world.

    Welcome to a BuzzFeed post that will, I promise, make you feel good. I swear!

    A person posing among leaves

    So, this story starts looong ago in October 2021.

    An old world painting of a woman, baby, and several onlookers

    Dua Lipa had just announced her Future Nostalgia tour.

    Meanwhile, Kadie Bernstein had gone viral on TikTok by surprising her 80-year-old Dua stan grandfather, Papa Richy, with tickets to Miss Peep's concert.

    He lost his shit.

    It was really cute, Dua reposted, and Papa Richy was pleasantly pleased.

    Fast forward to Dua finally going on tour.

    Dua wearing a bodysit onstage

    I've heard the tour is very good, FWIW!

    Dua was on Fallon to promote it.

    And Papa Richy was there too.

    So, Jimmy takes Papa Richy to the stage.

    And boom. We have contact.

    Papa Richy with his hands on his head in disbelief as he meets Dua Lipa

    The interaction is really cute, nice, and worth the watch:

    View this video on YouTube


    I also love how Papa Richy is like "shouldn't you be on tour?"

    Papa Richy still in disbelief as Dua laughs

    Anyway, I thought you all would enjoy something nice. Have a great weekend, dolls. <3