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    Updated on Jun 13, 2019. Posted on Jun 12, 2019

    Dua Lipa Has Responded To Allegations She Photoshops Her Lips In Baby Pictures

    I need a nap.

    Well, this is it. Like, the end of the internet. Shut it down. It's over.


    Dua Lipa has been accused of photoshopping her baby pictures to make her baby lips — like, her lips when she was a baby — bigger.


    It all started with an Instagram account that "exposes" celebrity plastic surgery.

    They posted this Instagram calling out Dua Lipa for photoshopping her baby pictures.

    This was the caption:

    Did Dua photoshop her baby pictures to make her lips bigger? Will she respond to these allegations of baby lip augmentation?! I'M ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT.

    Luckily, and THANKFULLY, Dua Lipa took to Instagram to prove once and for all she is not a baby lip photoshopper. Her baby pictures are, in fact, 100% real and surgery-free.

    Here are the pictures Dua posted:

    From the looks of it, it appears these baby pictures have not been altered in any way.

    No artificially large baby lips in sight!

    No filler! No Juvederm! Those are...100% natural baby lips.

    And to emphasize her anti-baby-lip-photoshop stance and viewpoint, Dua wrote:

    Thanks for clearing that up, Dua. Thank you so much.

    Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

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