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Dua Lipa Has Proved Everyone Wrong A Year After Her Very Awkward Dancing Went Viral

We love to see it.

Dua Lipa is somewhat a dancing legend.

In 2018, a choreography routine of hers went viral because it...wasn't...so good.

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It became a meme.

my therapist: dua lipa awkwardly dancing to one kiss with two backup dancers isn't real, it can't hurt you dua lipa:

And it was honestly pretty funny.

Why does this look like Dua Lipa dancing

Like, come on, this is iconic.


Her hip gyration thing was everything.

we're going to witness Dua Lipa dancing like this at MAMA 2019. why is she even on the list? 💀 #MAMA2019

I would also like to note that this is no offense to her! It was an awkward routine that was the choreographer's fault.

Still, it left fans and haters questioning her stage presence.

dua lipa dancing to the mary poppins returns soundtrack

Fast forward to 2019 and Dua has done a total 180.

Dua made her new stage presence known starting at the 2019 EMA's.

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She gave us looks.



Okay so, Dua Lipa is part of the group of new main pop girls... her EMA performance was truly how a pop girl should perform: serving vocals, choreo and stage presentation.

And most importantly, stage presence.

And fans noticed.

Dua Lipa really worked on her stage presence this era and we love to see artists growing.

People are finally praising Dua's stage presence.

MYgoD, Dua's stage presence improves day by day

And everyone really needs to reward her for it!

Dua lipa is doing SO good, the girl has taken no break and delivered consistent bops and how well she took the constructive criticism and improved her stage presence. I'm really looking forward to ha

It wasn't only just on the EMA's though, Dua also gave high quality performances on the Graham Norton show...

cant believe i woke up to dua lipa absolutely killing it at the Graham Norton show with #DontStartNow,, her stage presence has improved so much 🥺🥺🥺

...the AMAs...

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...and "The Voice."

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Basically, cling cling to Dua Lipa in 2020. The girl has been consistently giving high level performances which is difficult to do, not everyone has that to their credit.

The way Dua Lipa improved in 2019 and the way she's going to eat 2020. It's what I saw in her all along😭

Now please go stream "Don't Start Now" on your preferred streaming service. It's legitimately the best song of 2019.