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Don't Be Sad, Look At These Corgi Puppies

Really, life is too short to not look at these corgis.

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Life is like a treacherous maze with no way out and you’re hungry and have to go pee at the same time and you have like 10% battery life.

That’s when you know you have to Idina Menzel it and “Let. It. Go.”

This is when you're starting to realize it's working. It is actually working.

You are the champ. The head honcho. The HBIC.

Sandboxes? They're for CHUMPS.

You are the leader of your own destiny and the king or queen of your garden of desire*

*I have no idea what that means.

Pigs? WHO CARES. They don’t bother you.

You are a powerful fluffy corgi without a care in the world.

You sleep with a smile on.



You walk with a pip in your step.

Because you are the best version of you. And by best version of you, I mean you are a smiling corgi.*

*I’m not really sure what that means either.


Now go find your own personal corgi puppy pillow and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.


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