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    I Thought Dolly Parton's Response To A Keto CBD Gummy Scam Was Fake, But Apparently This Is 100% Real

    But seriously, how dare they.

    Dolly Parton is known for the massive amounts of drama, scandals, and vicious clapbacks that consume her daily life.

    Dolly wears a short sequined dress and bejeweled heels while sitting for late-night TV talk show interview

    I'm obviously kidding! She is one of the most beloved celebs of all time — like, we're talking Betty White/Tom Hanks/Keanu Reeves levels of likability!

    For example, I did a poll and 85% of people said they are fans.


    A super close-up of the 15% bar

    Anyway, apparently there is a keto CBD gummy scam going around Facebook or something.

    Dolly speaking at a podium onstage

    And ya know what? These scammers had the AUDACITY to use Dolly's name.

    It apparently got so bad that Dolly had to release a statement denouncing the keto CBD gummies.

    One person commented "This is the most drama Dolly ever will get involved with [painting nails emoji]

    As someone who just logged into Instagram, I thought her statement was fake (LOL).

    Another person said "I have zero context to this and it's hilarious"

    Here's the statement:

    "She's more the cake, cookie, and cornbread type" is right.

    Now take this person's advice and please release the cornbread recipe next.