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    We Did It, Kids; I Can't Stop Crying: The Dixie Chicks Have Released Their First New Song In 14 Years And It's Incredible

    The song is very, very good.

    A long time gone, in the not-so-terrible days of 2015, I made a plea.

    Five years after that that BuzzFeed post and 14 years since they released new music, the Dixie Chicks have finally answered the call.

    Matthew Peyton / Getty Images

    They taught us to run away with our friends, kill our abusive husbands, and open a fruit stand.


    They invented political dissidence when they *basically* said, "You're an embarrassing POS, George W. Bush."


    And horticulture? Yes, it hasn't been the same since they taught us to touch the earth and grow something unruly. Shovels and hoes are *still* shaking.

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    Now, in 2020, they're teaching us about gaslighting.

    Their first single in 14 years, "Gaslighter," was released today, and it's *truly* incredible. Listen here:

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