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    Dick Cheney Has Been Lobbying For Gay Marriage In Maryland

    Apparently Dick Cheney had something to do with Del Wade Kach’s surprise support for gay marriage.

    From the Baltimore Sun:

    The Baltimore County delegate (Wade Kach) said he reached his decision after mulling the testimony he'd heard during a nearly 11-hour hearing on the bill last week and watching how same-sex couples supported one another. "I thought to myself, if my constituents were here, they'd have a different perspective on the issue," Kach said. "I'm sure of it."

    He also became the target of a last-minute lobby effort, and said his voice mail was full of messages from important people, including Mehlman, Bloomberg and an offer to talk with former Vice President Dick Cheney, whom Kach regards as a "great man." All three are recognized for their support of gay rights issues.