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    19 Pictures Zac Efron Wishes He Could Delete

    Being a teen is hard.

    We all have pictures we want to delete from our lives, but when you're a celebrity, you can't. You might think this post is mean...but it's not. This is a celebration of Zac's most tragic years of his life. Being tragic is a part of growing up...and also whatever because Zac is hot as hell now.

    Without further ado or explanation, here are 19 pictures Zac Efron wishes he could delete forever. Enjoy.

    1. This picture where he is wearing the official "My mom took me shopping for back-to-school clothes and she picked this out at American Eagle" outfit.

    2. This picture where he is breaking fashion's #1 rule: No flip-flops with jeans...EVER.

    3. This picture where he is cosplaying as someone who works at A&F.

    4. This picture where he looks like wax.

    5. This picture where he is peak puffy teen.

    6. This picture where all I want to do is get his hair out of his eyes.

    7. This picture where I worry for his eyesight because of his hair.

    8. Zac, your eyes.

    9. This picture where he is wearing every single thing they had at Hollister in 2006.

    10. This picture where I'm just nervous he's going to trip because his jeans are too damn long.

    11. This picture where he is clearly oblivious that these are the most awkward years of his life.

    12. This picture before braces.*

    13. This picture which is making me hot, temperature-wise, because that wig looks heavy as hell.

    14. This picture of his hair one inch away from flat-iron hell.

    15. This picture where his bangs have taken over his face.

    16. This picture where even he is like "These bangs really are too much."

    17. This picture where he is wearing his dad's shirt.

    18. And this picture where he is wearing flip-flops with jeans in another one of his dad's shirts.

    That was painful, but puberty is fucking great! Here's a palate cleanser. Baiii!