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Everyone Is Trashing The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, So The NYC Landmark Expertly Responded To Its Haters And Tree-Shamers

Leave the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree alone.

While each and every day continues to blend into the other in ways that are equal parts predictable and totally unpredictable, there was one thing I didn't expect to happen this year: giant Christmas tree–shaming.

Yes, giant Christmas tree–shaming.

Rockefeller Center in New York City posted a picture of this year's Christmas tree, and apparently a lot of people have a lot of things to say.

"This tree looks dead?!?" this person said, which, like, no shit! They chopped it down.

a comment that says this tree looks dead

"Was this tree struck by lightning?" this person asked. To this I say, "No, they chopped it down."

a comment that says was this tree stuck by lightning

This person was worried about squirrels, which, like, hopefully they got away.

a comment that says no place for a squirrel to hide in that tree

And this person even had the audacity to call it a giant twig. A. Giant. Twig.

a comment that says  fuck is that that's a giant twig

As you can see, "Girl, what the hell is this?" was the overall sentiment.

a comment that says girl what the hell

Ultimately, this rude behavior from random keyboard warriors became too much for the New York City landmark.

old lady at a computer smiling

The NYC geographical location responded:

wow, you all must look great right after a two day drive, huh? just wait until i get my lights on! see you on december 2

Boom. Zoom. Roasted Chrissy Teigen–style.