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Danny DeVito Asking "Who The Hell Are They" Is Going Viral, As It Totally Should

It's the way he says it for me. But honestly, it's the way he says anything.

A couple of years ago, Keke Palmer did *the* Vanity Fair lie detector test interview, and because everything Keke Palmer does is entertaining/funny, a new meme was born.

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Vanity Fair

It was "sorry to this man."


Since then, "sorry to this man" has become somewhat embedded into online culture.

I hate to say it, I hope I don't sound ridiculous, I don't know who this man is. I mean he could be walking down the street I wouldn't know a thing. sorry to this man.

Getty Images/ Twitter: @beIlscurry

But now, Danny DeVito is back with his own "sorry to this man"-esque moment.

While nothing could ever top Keke's, Danny's was still *pretty* perfect.

It happened during the Vanity Fair lie detector test.

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Vanity Fair/


His reaction to the picture has garnered thousands of reactions and millions of views on Twitter:

Vanity Fair/ Twitter: @mikescollins

But before you think there was any fan drama over this, Danny went on to compliment the pleats in their suits. It's a really cute, sincere reaction.

And what's the reason you didnt include the best part?

Vanity Fair/ Twitter: @Leeennnnnn_

Ultimately, I'll take any viral clip of Danny DeVito doing just about anything.