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22 Characters From Your Childhood You Forgot You Hated

Warning: This post might make your blood boil.

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1. Randall Weems from Recess

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Why you hated him: He was always up Miss Finster's ass and anyone who is BFFs with teacher like that is a problem. No one likes a snitch and Randall was the ultimate snitch. His notebook held everyone's secrets.

3. Carrigan Crittenden from Casper


Why you hated her: She was that greedy monster who tried to come in and take the Whipstaff Manor from Casper because she believed there was treasure there. In the end, she got what she deserved. She turned into a ghost and exploded. Bye.

4. Trinket St. Blair from Pepper Ann

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Why you hated her: She's the archetype of that rich b*tch in your high school class who thought her own shit didn't stink. Her name was also literally Trinket St. Blair. Like no.


5. Nanette Manoir from Angela Anaconda

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Why you hated her: Nanette was the richest and brattiest kid in school who never took off that damn beret. She was in middle school?! Who even wore berets back then? Stupid Ninny Wart.

6. Squirmy the ringworm and Bloaty the tick from Rocko's Modern Life

Why you hated them: They were actual parasites that lived on Rocco's dog, Spunky. That shit was too real.

7. Katie Ka-Boom from Animaniacs

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Why you hated her: She was an awful entitled teenager who lost her temper over the simplest little things. Basically, this Katie just hit a little to close to home if you grew with a sibling who was like this.


15. Clifford Spleenhurfer from Clarissa Explains It All


Why you hated him: I MEAN, COME ON. First of all, his name. Secondly, he was a dick to Ferguson when we first met him. Then he fell in love with Clarissa and we were all like "hell no." You don't date a bully, Clarissa!

16. Sandi Griffin from Daria

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Why you hated her: Sandi was the original Regina George -- well expect with none of the charm. Whenever she wasn't busy throwing shade at her fellow Lawndale High classmates, she'd be finding a way to sabotage Quinn. Oh, and that VOICE.