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    Why Isn't Anyone Talking About Dylan Sprouse Playing An Escort In This Short Film Called "Daddy"?

    Dylan Sprouse making out with an 80-year-old man? Sign me up!

    Well, I was just minding my business when the magic of the YouTube algorithm served me up something I had no idea existed.

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    "Did you know this exists?" I asked a friend.

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    "Not really, but I saw a TikTok of Dylan Sprouse making out with an old man," they replied.

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    And the rest is history.


    Daddy is an 18-minute short film by Christian Coppola (who happens to be a distant relative of Francis Ford Coppola).

    Dylan Sprouse plays an escort who gets hired by an 80-year-old man, played by Ron Rifkin, who goes to the Plaza Hotel to celebrate his first anniversary apart from his deceased wife.

    It's emotional.

    They're kissing
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    It's funny.

    They're smiling in the bathroom
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    You get an extremely androgynous Dylan Sprouse in a dress.

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    He's actually gorgeous.

    My complete review: I liked it!

    You can watch the full thing here:

    View this video on YouTube

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