Why Isn't Anyone Talking About Dylan Sprouse Playing An Escort In This Short Film Called "Daddy"?

    Dylan Sprouse making out with an 80-year-old man? Sign me up!

    Well, I was just minding my business when the magic of the YouTube algorithm served me up something I had no idea existed.

    An old lady looking at a computer

    "Did you know this exists?" I asked a friend.

    "Not really, but I saw a TikTok of Dylan Sprouse making out with an old man," they replied.

    And the rest is history.

    Daddy is an 18-minute short film by Christian Coppola (who happens to be a distant relative of Francis Ford Coppola).

    Dylan Sprouse plays an escort who gets hired by an 80-year-old man, played by Ron Rifkin, who goes to the Plaza Hotel to celebrate his first anniversary apart from his deceased wife.

    It's emotional.

    They're kissing

    It's funny.

    They're smiling in the bathroom

    You get an extremely androgynous Dylan Sprouse in a dress.

    My complete review: I liked it!

    You can watch the full thing here:

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    Daddy Short Film / youtube.com