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21 Perfumes That DEFINITELY Aren't The Real Thing

Never stop knocking off. Never.

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1. There's a knockoff of Lady Gaga's "Fame" perfume called "Crazy Lady." 😭😭

That's just shady.
Twitter: @AliO2309

That's just shady.

2. You can get this knockoff of "Calvin Klein" if you want to smell just ok.

3. This is a knockoff of Justin Bieber's "Girlfriend" perfume lol.

4. "Sunday" almost sounds like "Someday," but Sundays are the worst and why would you want to smell like a shitty day?

5. I'm pretty sure this is knock off of Calvin Klein's "Euphoria." Shout out to middle school, the Sumarians, and the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers <3

6. "Beyond Play" kind of sounds like BeyoncΓ©. Nice try.

7. "Jimmy Choo" = "Jinny Sue" πŸ’€

8. πŸ˜‚

9. "Virgin Material." I need God right now.

10. The knockoff of Marc Jacob's "Lola" is "Hola!" Hi lol.

At least it rhymes.
Twitter: @jm0r

At least it rhymes.





12. Okay, this one is kind of clever. It's a knockoff of "GUESS" and it's called "QUESTION" lol.

13. Like are you serious?

14. Noooooooo.

15. This is a knockoff of Britney Spears' perfume "Circus." The knockoff is called "Festival" because of course you would want to smell like Bonnaroo.

16. Okay, this is weird. Follow along. Jennifer Anniston's knockoff perfume is called "Jessica"...

17. ... while Jessica Simpson's knockoff perfume is called "Jennifer."

What. Why.

18. Gucci, that you?

19. I'm surprised Taylor Swift hasn't sued their asses yet.

20. Paris Hilton's is called "Yes Yes" which like okay what?

21. And here's a bottle of "Obama" just because.

Big shout out to all the dollar stores out there for making this post a possibility!

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