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    33 Pictures Americans Will Look Back On In 20 Years And Explain To Kids "Yes, That 100% Happened"

    Kids in 20 years will be like, "Wait, what?"

    Over 29 million people in the US have contracted the coronavirus in the past year; more than 536,000 have died from it. To put that number in perspective, more people have died from coronavirus in the US than the entire population of Atlanta.

    Donald Trump and Mike Pence standing with a screen behind them with the headline "33 Days to Slow the Spread"
    William Campbell / Getty Images

    In 20 years, we'll look back at the ways Americans reacted to the virus and remember these pictures most:


    Woman holding a sign reading, "Give me liberty or give me COVID"
    AP Images


    Sign reading, "Masks: Obvious Mind Control"
    Education Images / Getty Images


    Sign reading, "Don't cancel my golf season" next to an American flag
    AP Images


    Person holding a sign reading, "Free my hair"
    Mark Makela / Getty Images


    Woman wearing no mask, holding a sign reading, "My body my choice Trump 2020" and showing a mask with a red "banned" graphic over it
    Sergio Flores / Getty Images


    Person wearing a colorful mask and holding a sign reading, "Let my people go-lf!"
    @TravelersClubSD / Via Twitter: @TravelersClubSD


    Person holding a sign reading, "Freedom over safety!"
    AP Images


    A car window with the writing, "I want a massage! Open the state"
    Nurphoto / Getty Images


    Man and woman with a sign reading, "We demand haircuts"
    AP Images


    Person in a car with a sign reading, "I prefer dangerous freedom"
    AP Images


    Sign reading, "Don't believe Bill Gates of hell"
    AP Images


    Sign showing a toilet roll and reading, "Don't hoard me"
    AP Images


    Back of a car with the words, "That face mask you were duped into wearing symbolizes you loosing [sic] your freedom of speech"
    AP Images


    Person holding up a sign reading, "COVID-19 or COVID-1984"
    AP Images


    Person holding a sign reading, "If ballots don't free us bullets will!"
    AP Images


    A man holding up a sign reading, "Be like Sweden!" and another man with a sign reading, "#fake crisis"
    AP Images


    Man holding a sign reading, "Give me liberty or give me COVID 19!"
    AP Images


    Person wearing a mask and holding a sign with the heading, "COVID-19 is a lie," followed by text addressing statements by CNN and the CDC
    AP Images


    Person in a car holding a sign outside the window saying, "My body my coice [sic] #nomask"
    Nicholas Kamm / Getty Images


    Person holding a sign in front of their face reading, "End lockdown no vaccines!"
    Nicholas Kamm / Getty Images


    Person wearing a "Make America great again" hat and a face mask with a large hole by the mouth, showing their stuck-out tongue
    Saul Loeb / Getty Images


    Man wearing a cap and holding a sign reading, "Mandatory mask = mandatory muzzle!!!"
    Education Images / Getty Images


    Man in an Air Force T-shirt holding two signs, one reading, "No Mandates Free Choice" and another reading, "More About Sheeple Kontrol!" with the letters M-A-S-K highlighted
    Education Images / Universal Images / Getty Images


    A crowd scene showing a young girl throwing a face mask into a garbage can that is on fire
    Nathan Howard / Getty Images


    Woman holding a sign with a photo of a face mask below the text, "This is a mind control device"
    David Mcnew / Getty Images


    Woman in a "Right to Bear Arms / Girls With Guns" T-shirt and holding a sign reading, "COVID 19-84 the tests are rigged the death count is false"
    Louise Johns / Getty Images


    Person in a crowd of protesters holding up a sign reading, "Look Ma no mask"
    Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images


    Writing on the side of a truck reading, "Jesus is my vaccine"
    Nicholas Kamm / Getty Images


    Woman holding up a sign reading, "The cure is the disease"
    AP Images


    Older woman in the passenger seat of a truck and waving an American flag with the words "Give me liberty or give me death!" on the car window behind her
    Drew Angerer / Getty Images


    Man standing outside his car with a sign reading, "Open the strip clubs"
    Ethan Miller / Getty Images


    Man holding a sign reading, "Mask my ass" and showing the rear end of a donkey
    Robert Nickelsberg / Getty Images


    Man holding a US flag and a sign reading, "Open or we all do acid"
    Hyoung Chang / Getty Images

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