Courteney Cox Showed Us How She Put A Large Raw Turkey On Her Head, And It's 10/10 Disgusting

    "I'm crowning!" —Ace Ventura and probably Courteney Cox as she vacates the turkey's body.

    Oh, do I have something to show you.

    So, you know that Friends episode where Monica puts a turkey on her head?

    Monica with a turkey on her head

    Yeah, I honestly wouldn't identify as a Friends freak, but I can tell you that I've seen this GIF about 200 times on

    And now we have the behind the scenes that shows how she put this big ol' raw dead bird on her head.

    For lack of a better reference and because this part of the movie forever replays in my mind, I get major Ace Ventura vibes from it.

    It screams "I'm crowning."

    Her head literally looks like it's covered in a sack of amniotic fluid.

    She looks like she was just birthed from a turkey

    The dedication.

    Courtney lifting the turkey off her head. Her head looks smooshed

    The pure joy!

    A closeup of courtneys head in  plastic bag

    Salmonella is thriving.

    courtney lifting the heavy bird

    She even adjusted the little giblets. Aww*!!

    So yeah, she probably needed to take a shower after this because that big dead bird was all over her.

    Courtney's head just out of the bird looks like it's covered in raw turkey juice.

    At least she got the 'gram!

    Courtney lifting a heavy turkey off her head with a plastic bag on her face

    In conclusion, thank you for your service, bird. Who would've thought Courteney Cox's head in a plastic bag condom would be your end?!

    courtney with the dead bird on her head