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33 Things That Happen Every Single Time On "Tiny House Hunters"

AKA "Composting Toilet Hunters."

1. Every episode starts with two people with wildly different ideas of what a tiny house is. Like how these people even together?

2. One person is always waaay too into it.

3. The other person is always not.

4. She's basically dying inside wondering what the hell she got herself into.

5. Then there's always some domestic shot of them cooking dinner or drinking wine in a perfectly okay apartment/house that they're going to abandon to live in a shack.

6. Again, she's dying inside. Like they are def. gonna break up because of this.

7. The person *really into* the tiny house always says it's going to be cheaper than their current life.

8. Meanwhile, the other person questions their sanity.

9. Now let's look at some houses!

*Dies slowly*

Every episode of Tiny House Hunters has tiny houses that have the same few things:

10. There's always a tiny house with a loft space and a mattress on the floor. It's always "bigger than they thought."

11. There's always a bathroom without a door and the people always freak out.

12. And there's always, without fail, a composting toilet drama.

13. The composting toilet is the biggest point of contention in every episode of Tiny House Hunters.

14. They literally talk about composting toilets for half of every episode.

15. It's awful. Just get the toilet, she's already dying inside.

Moving on!

16. Throughout every episode of Tiny House Hunters you'll hear over & over phrases like: "Wow, this is small" or "I can't believe how small this is." Like duh, you're on a fucking show about tiny houses.

17. You'll hear how they're "unsure of the small size" or wonder how "all of their stuff will fit."

18. Then there's always a customizable house.

19. The customizable houses always seem too good to be true because they are exactly that.

20. At first, the people on the show are always like "Holy shit, this is amazing! It's cheap!"

21. But that illusion of it being cheap goes away quickly.

22. Everything always "adds up."

23. Don't even get me started on the plot of land.

24. In the customizable houses, they always talk about getting a ladder.

25. The ladder is always a huge point of contention because really, who wants to climb a big ass ladder to go to bed?


26. They look at a third house and blah blah blah surprise! It's so tiny.

27. There's always one house that's missing something major like a stove, sink, or some essential thing humans need for survival and shelter.

We're almost there!

28. Tiny House Hunters episodes always end with the hunters drinking wine or beer.

They make their decision...

29. One house is always good because it's under budget but they basically hate it.

30. One house is always bad because it's over budget.

31. And one house is always bad because it's a *project*

32. It seems like all the houses are awful but they make a decision. Suddenly we're in the future and they're happy for the first time we've seen all episode.

33. Every episode ends with the couple doing something domestic like cooking corn over a fire. Somehow the compost toilet didn't tear them apart.