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19 People Who Are Definitely Going To Kill Us All

How selfish can you be?

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1. Every single person still partying in this picture:

Spring Break on South Padre Island last night. Not a lot of social distancing going on. #COVIDー19

2. Everyone on this boat.

3. Everyone packing the beaches:


4. And everyone who thinks their spring break is more important than people's lives:


5. Like, come on:


6. This is insanity!

Today, Spring break is on and Clearwater Beach in Florida is packed. These young folk are not concerned about coronavirus. Again, it will get worse before it gets better. You’d better believe it. #COVID-19

7. Ridiculous!

Paris streets, sleek and clean as a lean baguette. Miami beaches, a bubbling bowl of coronavirus soup.

8. How selfish can you be?

#BAHAMAS: Despite the US government's request to limit social gatherings of over 10 people in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, not all young people have taken the advice seriously. A Facebook video shows college students partying on a 250-person "booze cruise" in Nassau.

9. How ignorant can you be?

Texas spring breakers keep partying despite coronavirus warnings

10. Is your spring break really worth what you're causing?

“If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I'm not gonna let it stop me from partying”: Spring breakers are still flocking to Miami, despite coronavirus warnings.

11. I mean, listen to these people:

CBS / Via Twitter: @CBSNews
CBS / Via Twitter: @CBSNews
CBS / Via Twitter: @CBSNews
CBS / Via Twitter: @CBSNews
CBS / Via Twitter: @CBSNews
CBS / Via Twitter: @CBSNews

12. This is not okay.

Its Fuckin up in South Padre right now! @PartySouthPadre @southpadrewild

13. None of this is okay:

@GovAbbott They’ll be having more patients with this going on. Port A

14. Your little vacation isn't important:


15. Your festival isn't important:

I mean look at this!! This is basically a festival!!! #southpadre #padremaniac #poolparty I love being able to have this experience!!

16. Your tan isn't important:

Social distancing not happening in Port Aransas either. We had to move our own chairs to get away. The pool bar is packed. I am shocked. And not shocked.

17. Your beach games aren't important:

Spring break at gulf Shores adds a whole new meaning to the Oklahoma drill

18. They're just plain dumb:

19. None of this is important:

‘The only corona here is the one I’m drinking’ - Spring break kids mob Alabama beaches despite fears

Please stay the fuck home.

@TeaSpillYT I wanna plug this video of a place in Gulf Shores, AL still holding large gatherings. Please stop this people!!