People Cannot Believe This Is How The Clicker Noises Are Made In "The Last Of Us," And Now It's A Meme

    Yep, this is a real job.

    Season 1 of The Last Of Us finished airing last week, and if you haven't watched, I suggest you do. It's really good if you're into devastating end of the world shit.

    A billboard for the Last of Us featuring Joel and Ellie looking over their shoulder as they walk

    In the show, the brains of humans who are infected are hijacked by a fungus called Cordyceps. These infected people turn into these things called Clickers.

    They're essentially big ol' mushroom people who make a lot of creepy noises.

    And now we found out how their noises are made.

    HBO showed us behind-the-scenes footage of the voice actors:

    HBO/ Twitter: @thelastofusnews

    People are genuinely surprised and high-key jealous that there are actual people behind the noises.

    where can i submit an application

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    Yep, it's a real job.

    you’re telling me i can get paid to do this?

    HBO/ Twitter: @savetheambees

    And yep, your guidance counselor let you down.

    My school career adviser let me down.

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    And now it's a meme.

    New meme alert

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    Me attempting to communicate in the morning before I’ve had coffee

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    my voice when I am hungover:

    HBO/ Twitter: @trixiemattel

    hitting your pinky toe at 3am:

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    Me when someone wakes me up from a nap:

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    And lastly...


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    So, yeah, it's a real job. And yes, I'm available for the second season.