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    Chris Hemsworth's Arms Are The Size Of Three Adult-Size Heads

    Crush me.

    Chris Hemsworth is generally known as Hollywood's #2 favorite Chris.

    Chris in Australia

    But there's one thing he's Hollywood's #1 Chris in — arms.

    Chris waving

    His arms are huge.

    Like, the size of multiple babies huge.

    Three babies for reference

    He shared a picture of his ginormous arms on Instagram, and I really just had no idea they were *that* big:


    Chris's bulging biceps

    That's a very big arm!

    A closeup of Chris's arms

    For reference, you can fit ABOUT three of Chris Hemsworth's heads into his arm.

    3 of Chris's heads photoshopped on his bicep

    Many babies!

    Chris's biceps and three babies to show how big

    This tweet by Justin Bieber on New Year's Day in 2012 sums up my feelings best: