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People Are Just Finding Out Chris Evans Is Covered In Tattoos After He Wore A Tank Top In An Interview

For those who haven't seen them before, your world is about to be rocked.

Chris Evans is, and I say this with close to 100% certainty, the favorite Chris in Hollywood.

Regardless of the pandemic, he's had a busy year or so.

He was the talk of the town when he accidentally posted a video of his camera roll that featured a picture of a peen.

He announced his retirement from being Captain America.

And every now and then he went viral for a tweet or two.

Don’t be afraid of Covid?! You’ve been under round-the-clock care by the best doctors using the best drugs. Do you really think everyone has access to that?! Sadly, I’m sure you’re aware of that disparity, you just don’t care This is reckless to a shocking degree, even for you https://t.co/H8CGlD9DcZ

But this post is about his tattoos because they are once again the talk of the town!

So, Chris did an interview with his brother Scott.

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There was one big thing that came out of it.

Yes, you see it immediately.

An arrow pointing to chest tattoos peeking over the top of Chris's shirt

Those tattoos.

In case you didn't know, Chris Evans is quite literally covered in tattoos.

And people were just discovering them, too...

Twitter: @aytennkalikii

...but this wasn't the first time we got a glimpse of his tats.

When did Chris Evans get all of these tattoos?

Twitter: @spooky_becky

For those of you who are just somehow discovering them, let me do a literal deep dive.

The internet collectively discovered Chris's tattoos when he posted a video doing a backflip into a pool last year.

As you can see, he is covered in tattoos.

Which, like, who knew?!

Chris standing with a full chest of tats

No one, apparently:

Am I the only who had no idea that #ChrisEvans has tattoos???

Twitter: @brooke_reagannn

It was Chris Evans' great tattoo coming out!

Where and when did Chris Evans get all of those tattoos??? 😨

Chris Evans/ Twitter: @ItsJassondra

The shock and awe of it all!

Chris Evans/ Twitter: @everIarksmeadow

So, to those who discovered Chris had tattoos from this most recent interview, welcome!

It's truly a mysterious world under there.

And by under there I mean that shirt.