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Chris Evans' Boston Accent Is Going Viral After It Slipped Out For Exactly 6 Seconds

"His accent should be illegal and grounds for arrest."

Christopher Robert Evans is many things.

Smiling Chris on the red carpet with sunglasses and a colorful short-sleeved print shirt

He's a dedicated dog dad.

Twitter: @ChrisEvans

A lover of fall foliage.

And he's really into fluffy hair.

Seriously, he's always taking pictures and posting them on Instagram with the caption "fluffy hair."

He's also from Boston, and his accent sporadically comes out.

Headshot of Chris in sunglasses

A clip of him speaking in his Boston accent is going viral on Twitter:

hearing chris evans’ boston accent come out makes me.. feel things

Access Hollywood / Via Twitter: @evanschalamet

The six-second clip is setting people off.

Chris Evans proving once and for all what I've said my whole life: Boston accents are both absolute garbage and hot as hell.

Access Hollywood / Via Twitter: @PopBangHugh

It's changing the fundamental way people feel about Boston accents.

I hate Boston accents until Chris Evans says mustache or no mustache be honest

Twitter: @maggieeverlee

And leaving people practically speechless.

Access Hollywood / Via Twitter: @cevansims

It's an awakening for some.

This is the first time I have been actively attracted to Chris Evans, rather than merely acknowledging his good looks. Is it the Boston? It’s totally the Boston, isn’t it?

Twitter: @Turnbull85

For others, it's a cry for help.

chris evans’ boston accent….

Twitter: @happiIyerika

From "I forget how to act"...

when chris evans has a boston accent, i forget how to act

Twitter: @EvanJonas_ "his accent should be illegal and grounds for arrest."

Chris Evans asking “mustache or no mustache” in his Boston accent should be illegal and grounds for arrest

Twitter: @MezaMckenzie

It's safe to say Chris Evans' accent is a rallying cry for world peace <3.

chris evans and his big boobs and his boston accent 🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶

Twitter: @subwaysoobin