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    Posted on Feb 23, 2012

    Chris Brown Accused Of Stealing A Woman's iPhone For Taking A Picture Of Him

    Another day, another story about how horrible Chris Brown is.

    According to NBC Los Angeles:

    A 24-year-old Miami woman, told police that she was inside Cameo nightclub during the wee hours Sunday when she saw Chris Brown and fellow artist Tyga leaving the nightclub at 1445 Washington Ave. through a side door.

    The woman, Christal Spann, and her friends followed Brown and rapper Tyga outside, where she saw him get into his black Bentley, according to a Miami Beach Police report. Spann approached Brown and took a photo with her $500 white iPhone 4S while he was sitting in his car.

    Then the surly hip-hop star reached through the window, took her cell phone from her hands, and said, “B**** you ain’t going to put that on no website,” Spann told police.

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