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No Joke, This 2017 Year-End Mashup Made Me Cry

Gorgeous, etc.

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“Perfect Struggle” is a mashup of 118 pop songs separated into six different sections: Cultivate, Struggle, Heal, Intensify, Relive, and Perfect.

It's made by, in my opinion, the best mashup person in the damn game, Andy Wu.

He explained his process and inspiration behind this year's mix: "I lost my channel, Facebook page & even personal account in May due to the copyright issues from RIAA. I almost gave up and swore I wouldn't do mashup anymore. But finally, through others' help & support, I got my channel & personal account back. As a result, this time in my Mashup 2017 I want to express how hard the pain, depression in the struggle time was and in the end broke into perfection. It's called 'Perfect Struggle,' hope you love it!"

And now, *drum roll plz* without further ado, here it is. Watch it. Love it. Share it. THIS IS WHAT ART POP WAS MEANT TO BE.

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