21 Cheap Old Houses You Can Buy For Under $25,000

    A collection of super cheap houses from around the U.S.. They might be haunted but I don't even care.

    Cheap Old Houses has quickly become one of my absolute favorite Instagram accounts. The premise is simple: They post cheap old houses. Most of the houses they post are under $100k but my personal favorite are the ultra-cheap $25k and less houses. I've collected some of my favorites so enjoy.

    1. "If you like to entertain in a big way take a few minutes to look at this 6 bedroom, 2 bath home! 2 kitchenettes upstairs. It is situated on almost 1 acre. Hardwood floors throughout."

    2. "This is an original school building built in the early 1900s. We are selling the lots and building as is."

    3. "It's like walking in to the 30's once again. In its day, this was a beauty with character and charm. Here is your fixer upper, definitely a diamond in the rough. 2 bed, 1 bath, dining and kitchen, detached garage.”

    4. "Absolutely charming, gorgeous two story single family home for sale! Beautiful wooden staircase, amazing wood work, multi-color glass windows, so much beauty in small details."

    5. "The R. Craig Cornwall House, c. 1919 is a wonderful neo-classical revival home located in historic Weldon, North Carolina. "

    6. "Needs a lot of work, but all those details are worth so much more than the asking price."

    7. “Two story home sitting on a full lot with 5 bedrooms, bath, newer roof and beautiful hardwood floors on the main level."

    8. "In 1989, the home was sold at auction for lack of payment of taxes. Since then, efforts to restore the property have been unsuccessful."

    9. “If these walls could talk there would be stories to be told!! This was a grand home in its prime. Over 3000 sq. feet in this two story turn of the century home."

    10. "Wow! Massive historic two story old style home located in the Concordia District near Marquette University!"

    11. "Stately Queen Anne Victorian in need of renovation!"

    12. "House needs repairs. 43 acres in McDowell County. One of the best hunting counties in the state of West Virginia."

    13. "Less than 10k!!"

    14. "Stunning historic building in search of a great new owner! Consider returning the property to its original layout as a duplex - live in one unit and rent the other!"

    15. "Seven bedrooms with three bathrooms in place. Huge layout and floor plan! Beautiful woodwork and a stone fireplace remains and would highlight the refinished property!"

    16. "Plenty to work with for this price!"

    17. "Spacious, fireplaces, natural wood, bead & rail molding, two staircases."

    18. "The amount of exquisite architectural detail being offered for $9,500 is positively astounding."

    19. "Property is packed with potential and could be an absolute showplace -- here is your winter project!"

    20. "L. Frank Baum, who wrote the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, met his future wife in this very house."

    21. And this is more than $25,000, but for $55,000 you can buy a bookstore in New York (including all the dang books!)

    In conclusion, follow Cheap Old Houses on Instagram. It's one of the only Instagram accounts that doesn't make me feel totally poor.