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Feb 26, 2020

The Random Woman Who Went Viral For Singing "Shallow" On The Subway Sang "Shallow" On "Ellen" And Confirmed The Original Video WASN'T Staged

I just love her so much.

The past week has been absolutely crazy for the new queen of pop, Charlotte Awbery.

For those not in the know, it all started when a comedian named Kevin Freshwater approached an unassuming woman on the subway to finish the lyrics to Lady Gaga's "Shallow."

The video blew up and has over 25 million views on Twitter.

This man really found a random person on the street and she sang Shallow better than Gaga ever has except the time she sang it for the movie, I'm so ashame...

After that, Charlotte gained hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers and millions of adoring fans.

She is the new queen of gays.

charlotte awbery is the new queen of the gays

We are all part of Charlotte's Web*.

She also basically bullied Lady Gaga into announcing the release of her new single, "Stupid Love."

The way Gaga had to immediately release Stupid Love to prevent and block Charlotte Awbery’s rising career. A petty queen. #LG6

I know you people in the comments will think this is serious.

ANYWAY, we haven't heard much since Charlotte's astronomical rise to the top. That is, until now.

I wanna learn to do my hair like Charlotte Awbery, my new queen

Charlotte has made her debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

She performed a gorgeous rendition of "Shallow."

View this video on YouTube

In the interview, Ellen cleared up rumors about the video being staged. It was not! Charlotte was on the subway going to meet a friend.

Then Ellen gave Charlotte a ticket for one free year on the London tube.

And also £10,000.


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