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    I Truly Cannot Believe The Drama Surrounding Charli XCX And Her Fans Having Her Sign Douches, Poppers, And Urns

    Buckle in. You're in for a ride.

    This BuzzFeed post SHOULD BE about the masterpiece that is Charli XCX's latest album, Charli.

    But it's not.

    This BuzzFeed post is about dead people's ashes and douches.

    It all started, as things do, with poppers.

    At a meet and greet, Charli was asked to sign a bottle of them.

    She happily did so and even called it iconic.

    It escalated.

    Someone asked her to pose with their mom's ashes.

    She did.

    Still OK, cool, whatever.

    But then she was asked to sign a douche.

    Yes, a douche. Like the thing you clean your butt out with.

    And wow. Just wow.

    Someone asked the douche person if Charli knew what the douche was, and the douche person said Charli didn't.

    Then today, Charli cryptically tweeted something about respect.

    have some respect. that’s all.

    Which obviously made us ask: Was this about the douche, the poppers, or the ashes?

    People immediately came to Charli's "defense."

    This person apologized on behalf of other fans.

    This person even told her it was time to denounce homosexuality.

    Finally, Charli FULLY cleared the air in a very long note about "fake wokeness" where she clarifies that this controversy is ridiculous and the douche and ashes don't bother her.


    Charli says journalists were clout chasing and using their platforms to promote their own brand of "fake wokeness."

    She said that the concern fans have is unwarranted and she doesn't dwell on pictures she takes or things she signs in the meet and greets.

    She finished the note by saying she isn't some "helpless damsel."

    So yeah, Charli signed the douche, and WHAT ABOUT IT?!

    Now put that douche in the Louvre.