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    62 Celebrities Who Have Either Changed A Butt Load Or A Butt Little Since The '90s

    It's also funny because 90% of these looks are *in* today.

    1. Prince Harry in the '90s:

    a smiling tween

    Prince Harry today:

    a headshot of his ginger hair and ginger beard

    2. Halle Berry in the '90s:

    with a crop top

    Halle Berry today:

    in a black dress looking youthful as ever

    3. Dolly Parton in the '90s:

    with even bigger hair

    Dolly Parton today:

    4. Lisa Bonet in the '90s:

    looking even cooler

    Lisa Bonet now:

    5. Jeff Goldblum in the '90s:

    in a large suit

    Jeff Goldblum now:

    a closeup of his big smile

    6. Denzel Washington in the '90s:

    in a trucker hat

    Denzel Washington now:

    a big smile in a suit

    7. Ellen in the '90s:

    in a blazer

    Ellen now:

    in a different suit on jimmy kimmel

    8. Alec Baldwin in the '90s:

    with exposed chest hair

    Alec Baldwin now:

    9. Prince William in the '90s:

    very j crew

    Prince William now:

    giving a speech

    10. Gwyneth Paltrow in the '90s:

    wearing a turtleneck

    Gwyneth Paltrow now:

    11. Drew Barrymore in the '90s:

    in a leather jacket

    Drew Barrymore today:

    with a face shield walking to set with a big smile

    12. Meryl Streep in the '90s:

    in a power suit

    Meryl Streep now:

    meryl streep on a talk show

    13. Eugene Levy in the '90s:

    serving dorky dad

    Eugene Levy now:

    in a suit with his signature thick glasses

    14. Catherine O'Hara in the '90s:

    long black dress

    Catherine O'Hara now:

    in a red dress

    15. Whoopi Goldberg in the '90s:

    in a cool tennis outfit

    Whoopi Goldberg now:

    at the met gala in a purple tier dress

    16. Rob Lowe in the '90s:

    in a tank top

    Rob Lowe now:

    at a dodgers game

    17. Helen Mirren in the '90s:

    another black and white pic this time in a suit

    Helen Mirren now:

    on the sag awards

    18. George Clooney in the '90s:

    serving sex symbol

    George Clooney now:

    on an AARP live stream

    19. Nicole Kidman in the '90s:

    with tom cruise

    Nicole Kidman now:

    at a gala

    20. Tom Cruise in the '90s:

    with nicole kidman

    Tom Cruise now:

    at a tennis match

    21. Brad Pitt in the '90s:

    with long hair

    Brad Pitt now:

    at the oscars

    22. Tom Hanks in the '90s:

    with rita wilson

    Tom Hanks now:

    with rita wilson on a red carpet

    23. Jennifer Aniston in the '90s:

    with a long printed skirt

    Jennifer Aniston now:

    with lisa kudrow and courtney cox

    24. Jamie Lee Curtis in the '90s:

    in a leopard print dress

    Jamie Lee Curtis today:

    dressed as her mother in psycho at the halloween kills red carpet

    25. Oprah in the '90s:

    waving and looking fab

    Oprah now:

    looking wise as hell

    26. Laura Dern in the '90s:

    in a 90s power suit

    Laura Dern now:

    at the academy awards

    27. Britney Spears in the '90s:

    at the vmas

    Britney Spears now:

    28. Jessica Simpson in the '90s:

    with nick lachey

    Jessica Simpson now:

    29. Christina Aguilera in the '90s:

    at the teen choice awards wearing a poncho

    Christina Aguilera now:

    30. Freddie Prinze Jr. in the '90s:

    with frosted tips

    Freddie Prinze Jr. now:

    31. Sarah Michelle Gellar in the '90s:

    in 1998 on a red carpet

    Sarah Michelle Gellar now:

    in disneyland with a prop from the movie cars

    32. Ryan Reynolds in the '90s:

    at the 2 guys and a girl tv show premiere

    Ryan Reynolds now:

    at the free guy premiere with blake lively

    33. Ashton Kutcher in the '90s:

    in a suit at the 98 teen choice awards

    Ashton Kutcher now:

    in a blue suit

    34. Angelina Jolie in the '90s:

    with a cape on a red carpet

    Angelina Jolie now:

    at a vanity fair power of women event

    35. The Sprouse twins in the '90s:

    hugging each other with goofy faces. they are literal children

    The Sprouse Twins now:

    hugging each other at the vanity fair party

    36. Reese Witherspoon in the '90s:

    in a long black skirt and 90s bun haircut

    Reese Witherspoon now:

    smiling fiilming a tv show

    37. Naomi Campbell in the '90s:

    Naomi Campbell now:

    walking the runway still stunning

    38. Madonna in the '90s:

    a long leopard print coat

    Madonna now:

    at the 2021 vmas in a dominatrix outfit

    39. Danny DeVito in the '90s:

    with a cool red printed scarf

    Danny DeVito now:

    speaking on the brooklyn bridge

    40. Macaulay Culkin in the '90s:

    in a flannel and jeans

    Macaulay Culkin now:

    wearing a im Macaulay Culkin shirt

    41. Celine Dion in the '90s:

    she looks 50 even though she's 25

    Celine Dion now:

    very fashion forward in a pink gown in nyc

    42. Mariah Carey in the '90s:

    leather plants and black sunglasses

    Mariah Carey now:

    in the recording studio

    43. Janet Jackson in the '90s:

    ripped jeans and a crop top

    Janet Jackson now:

    on the tonight show sitting in all black

    44. Sarah Jessica Parker in the '90s:

    combat boots and black outfit

    Sarah Jessica Parker now:

    filming satc

    45. Ben Affleck in the '90s:

    in 1997 in a baggy 90s suit

    Ben Affleck now:

    with jlo

    46. Jennifer Lopez in the '90s:

    in 1997 at a movie premiere

    Jennifer Lopez now:

    getting out of a car with ben affleck

    47. Julianne Moore in the '90s:

    in 1995 in a metallic suit

    Julianne Moore now:

    giving a thumbs up

    48. Lucy Liu in the '90s:

    with a large leather coat

    Lucy Liu now:

    at a tory burch fashion show

    49. Nicolas Cage in the '90s:

    patterned shirt and fedora

    Nicolas Cage now:

    in a suit with a strained facial expression

    50. Diane Keaton in the '90s:

    in all black and with a large metal cross necklace

    Diane Keaton now:

    walking with an ice cream cone

    51. Beyoncé in the '90s:

    with destinys child

    Beyoncé now:

    winning a grammy

    52. Mandy Moore in the '90s:

    long plaid skirt and pink shirt

    Mandy Moore now:

    in a gorgeous red gown

    53. Ricky Martin in the '90s:

    very cheesy in all white and awkwardly holding a chair

    Ricky Martin now:

    performing in vegas in 2021

    54. Samuel L. Jackson in the '90s:

    very early 90s in a cap and long shorts

    Samuel L. Jackson now:

    dapper in a cool patterned suit

    55. Uma Thurman in the '90s:

    serious pose in the early 90s

    Uma Thurman now:

    at a benefit in 2021

    56. Harrison Ford in the '90s:

    very handsome in a suit

    Harrison Ford now:

    still very handsome just greyer hair

    57. Keanu Reeves in the '90s:

    fresh faced and long hair

    Keanu Reeves now:

    he hasnt aged

    58. Morgan Freeman in the '90s:

    serious pose against a tree

    Morgan Freeman now:

    on a zoom call. all grey hair

    59. Bruce Willis in the '90s:

    in head to toe planet hollywood

    Bruce Willis now:

    at the premiere of motherless brooklyn

    60. John Travolta in the '90s:

    looking cheesy in cannes

    John Travolta now:

    he's bald

    61. Sandra Bullock in the '90s:

    in 1996 in a black and tan dress

    Sandra Bullock now:

    in a gorg gold gown in 2020

    62. And lastly, Paul Rudd in the '90s:

    he looks 22

    Paul Rudd now:

    he still looks 22