Here's What 19 Years Old Looks Like On 60 Different Celebrities

    Because posting pictures of yourself at 19 is all the rage, I guess.

    There's a viral tweet asking people what they looked like at 19, so because I'm feeling random, here's what 60 celebs looked like at 19.

    1. Olivia Wilde now at 39:

    at the met in a cut out dress

    Olivia Wilde at 19:

    with platinum blonde hair and a scarf

    2. Helen Mirren now at 77:

    walking out of an event with hair in a headband

    Helen Mirren at 19:

    helen with hair tied back in a dress

    3. Prince Harry now at 38:

    harry outside royal gates

    Prince Harry at 19:

    closeup of young harry

    4. Prince William now at 40:

    william waving with a balding head

    Prince William at 19:

    in casual jeans and sweater and full head of hair

    5. Dolly Parton now at 77:

    in a shiny outfit and hair teased up

    Dolly Parton at 19:

    Close up of Dolly with hair piled high

    6. Tom Cruise now at 60:

    with long hair speaking at a podium

    Tom Cruise at 19:

    with shorter hair and acne on his face

    7. Rihanna now at 35:

    walking at night

    Rihanna at 19:

    at an event in a bodycon dress and long hair

    8. Goldie Hawn now at 77:

    with full bangs and hair piled high

    Goldie Hawn at 19:

    with hair in a short bob

    9. Jessica Simpson now at 42:

    walking out with long hair and bodycon dress

    Jessica Simpson at 19:

    hosting mtv with then-husband nick lachey

    10. Austin Butler now at 31:

    closeup of him in a suit and long hair

    Austin Butler at 19:

    close up of Austin holding a large camera

    11. Selena Gomez now at 30:

    at her makeup event with hair back in a long braid

    Selena Gomez at 19:

    at a nickelodean event

    12. Vanessa Hudgens now at 34:

    in a leather outfit smiling

    Vanessa Hudgens at 19:

    at a music awards show with long flowy hair

    13. Kate Hudson now at 44:

    at a vanity fair event

    Kate Hudson at 19:

    in a cardigan and casual outfit

    14. Kylie Jenner now at 25:

    at the met with her hair up

    Kylie Jenner at 19:

    with a short bob that's platinum blonde

    15. Billie Eilish now at 21:

    in a goth-inspired outfit with lace

    Billie Eilish at 19:

    with short blonde hair

    16. Justin Bieber now at 29:

    entering a car with baggy jeans and baseball cap

    Justin Bieber at 19:

    with hair gelled for an interview

    17. Devon Sawa now at 44:

    with short hair wearing a cardigan

    Devon Sawa at 19:

    with longer hair in a suit

    18. Nicole Richie now at 41:

    in an elegant dress and hair in loose curls

    Nicole Richie at 19:

    nicole on the red carpet in jeans and silky tank top and tennis shoes

    19. Courteney Cox now at 58:

    closeup at an event with long hair

    Courteney Cox at 19:

    close up of courtney with short curly hair

    20. Halle Berry now at 56:

    halle with short curly hair in a strapless mini dress

    Halle Berry at 19:

    Halle being crowed Miss World

    21. Kirsten Dunst now at 41:

    with a short hair cut at an event

    Kirsten Dunst at 19:

    short messy hair and a strapless mini dress

    22. Kim Cattrall now at 66:

    she's got bangs and wearing a silver outfit

    Kim Cattrall at 19:

    close up of kim in a fur coat

    23. Jesse Plemons now at 35:

    he's got a beard and shorter hair

    Jesse Plemons at 19:

    he's got spiky hair and wearing a large tie

    24. Cher now at 76:

    closeup of her in a puff jacket and long curly hair

    Cher at 19:

    close up of cher

    25. Jessica Alba now at 42:

    looking elegant at an event

    Jessica Alba at 19:

    she's throwing a peace sign while wearing a shirt that says, girls rule

    26. Zendaya now at 26:

    looking elegant with short curled hair

    Zendaya at 19:

    at the met with long hair

    27. Tom Holland now at 26:

    with longer curly hair

    Tom Holland at 19:

    tom in a fedora and top coat

    28. Angelina Jolie now at 47:

    she's with one of her sons at an event

    Angelina Jolie at 19:

    young angelina at an event

    29. Emma Stone now at 34:

    wearing her hair back with bangs and a pinstripe suit

    Emma Stone at 19:

    with long red hair and a mini dress

    30. Beyoncé now at 41:

    performing on stage with long curly hair

    Beyoncé at 19:

    beyonce with destiny's child holding up replica barbie dolls

    31. Jessica Biel now at 41:

    in an off-the-should dress with long messy hair

    Jessica Biel at 19:

    jessica and chris evans

    32. Natalie Portman now at 41:

    closeup of natalie at an event in matching set

    Natalie Portman at 19:

    natalie with her natural hair and black dress

    33. Reese Witherspoon now at 47:

    closeup of reese looking elegant in a dress and hair down

    Reese Witherspoon at 19:

    34. Kate Moss now at 49:

    at the met

    Kate Moss at 19:

    35. Timothée Chalamet now at 27:

    holding a mic with long hair

    Timothée Chalamet at 19:

    wearing a suit with shorter hair

    36. Harry Styles now at 29:

    on stage with long-ish hair and shirtless under a blazer

    Harry Styles at 19:

    with longer hair and a blazer and pants outfit with a tie

    37. Nic Cage now at 59:

    closeup of nic

    Nic Cage at 19 (on the left):

    nick walking with some other guys

    38. Kendall Jenner now at 27:

    hair in a ponytail for the met

    Kendall Jenner at 19:

    with kylie at an event

    39. Chad Michael Murray now at 41:

    with longer hair

    Chad Michael Murray at 19:

    chad in a tight tank top and shorter spiky hair

    40. Zöe Kravitz now at 34:

    closeup of zoe

    Zöe Kravitz at 19:

    zoe in a minidress and beret

    41. Christina Aguilera now at 42:

    at a red carpet event with hair piled in a bun

    Christina Aguilera at 19:

    with short blonde hair holding an award

    42. Lindsay Lohan now at 36:

    closeup of lindsey

    Lindsay Lohan at 19:

    in a strapless dress with blonde hair

    43. Pete Davidson at 29:

    giving a peace sign

    Pete Davidson at 19:

    pete doing stand up

    44. Drake now at 36:

    at a basketball game

    Drake at 19:

    on the red carpet in jeans and polo shirt

    45. Justin Timberlake now at 42:

    closeup of justin in a suit

    Justin Timberlake at 19:

    justin and britney spears

    46. Nick Cannon now at 42:

    holding a mic and sitting on stage

    Nick Cannon at 19:

    nick at an event in baggy pants and a sweater

    47. Jake Gyllenhaal now at 42:

    closeup of jake in a suit

    Jake Gyllenhaal at 19:

    closeup with long spiky hair

    48. Kristen Stewart now at 33:

    with short messy hair and a suit

    Kristen Stewart at 19:

    with short messy hair with her twilight costars

    49. Hilary Duff now at 35:

    closeup of hilary with her husband looking elegant

    Hilary Duff at 19:

    hilary sitting at a fashion show

    50. Serena Williams now at 41:

    at the met with her husband

    Serena Williams at 19:

    serena winning a medal for tennis

    51. Sarah Jessica Parker now at 58:

    wearing a beret outside

    Sarah Jessica Parker at 19:

    hair tied back and with bangs eating fries

    52. Aaron Paul now at 43:

    closeup of aaron

    Aaron Paul at 19:

    aaron wearing a tie over a band t-shirt

    53. Keke Palmer now at 29:

    hair piled up and wearing a strapless dress

    Keke Palmer at 19:

    closeup of young keke

    54. Gwyneth Paltrow now at 50:

    closeup with her hair in a low bun

    Gwyneth Paltrow at 19:

    gwyneth in a low bun and shorts

    55. Zac Efron now at 35:

    zac in cut off shorts and cut off shirt with a long grown out bowl cut

    Zac Efron at 19:

    holding an award with long hair

    56. Wilmer Valderrama now at 43:

    closeup of him wearing glasses

    Wilmer Valderrama at 19:

    closep of young wilmer

    57. David Beckham now at 48:

    closeup of david

    David Beckham at 19:

    david in a soccer lineup

    58. Blake Lively now at 35:

    blake with long curly hair teased out

    Blake Lively at 19:

    with her hair in low bun carrying a large denim purse

    59. Miley Cyrus now at 30:

    miley wearing a dress with gloves and long hair parted in the middle

    Miley Cyrus at 19:

    with liam hemsworth wearing a long dress and hair in a long side braid

    60. And lastly, Taylor Swift now at 33:

    on stage during a concert

    And here she is at 19:

    with long curly hair and a strapless dress with joe jonas