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36 Celebrities Who Would Completely Destroy A 25-Year Challenge If It Existed, Because They Haven't Aged

I need some of what they are having, aka money.

1. Jeff Goldblum 25 years ago at 45:

Jeff is at the Lost World premiere

Jeff Goldblum today at 69:

Jeff is at the Statue Of Liberty torch event with his hand over his heart

2. Paul Rudd 25 years ago at 28:

Paul Rudd at the theater in a light dress shirt

Paul Rudd today at 52:

Paul Rudd smiles on the red carpet at the ghostbusters premiere in a suit

3. Angela Bassett 25 years ago at 39:

Angela smiles as she walks the red carpet at the 12 angry men premiere in a sleeveless floral print dress

Angela Bassett today at 63:

Angela poses at the red carpet at the rock and roll hall of fame induction in a fringe dress

4. Meryl Streep 25 years ago at 47:

Meryl rocking a pantsuit as she waves at the Women in Hollywood Awards

Meryl Streep today at 72:

Meryl walking out of the Today show in a printed coat and heels

5. Mario Lopez 25 years ago at 24:

Mario smiles at an event at the Las Vegas convention center

Mario Lopez today at 48:

Mario shirtless in a pool

6. Dennis Quaid 25 years ago at 43:

Dennis at the premiere of dragon heart

Dennis Quaid today at 67:

Dennis in a denim shirt and jeans at the home and family show for hallmark channel

7. Michelle Pfeiffer 25 years ago at 39:

Michelle wearing a sleeveless light dress and rocking a crop haircut

Michelle Pfeiffer today at 63:

Michelle at the g'day USA premier in an relaxed oversized pantsuit

8. John Stamos 25 years ago at 34:

John Stams smiling with Rebecca Romijn as they pose for a picture

John Stamos today at 58:

John on Jimmy Kimmel live in a plaid suit

9. Tilda Swinton 25 years ago at 37:

Tilda posing for a photo with Ewan MacGregor

Tilda Swinton today at 61:

Tilda at the premiere of the movie parallel mothers

10. Rob Lowe 25 years ago at 33:

Rob at the premiere of LA confidential

Rob Lowe today at 57:

Rob walking in front of a graffiti background

11. Harrison Ford 25 years ago at 55:

Harrison in a suit at the Deauville festival

Harrison Ford today at 79:

Harrison on the red carpet at The Call of the Wild premiere

12. Jennifer Lopez 25 years ago at 28:

Jennifer rocking curly hair and a lace dress at a red carpet event

Jennifer Lopez today at 52:

Jennifer at the premiere of the tender bar in a low-cut chiffon dress

13. Lenny Kravitz 25 years ago at 33:

Lenny rocking long dreads and tinted sunglasses at an awards gala

Lenny Kravitz today at 57:

Lenny smiles as he's interviewed on the Andy Cohen show

14. Julia Louis-Dreyfus 25 years ago at 36:

julia appears to be at a horse show dress in preppy styled sweater and a floral-print skirt

Julia Louis-Dreyfus today at 60:

15. Kate Winslet 25 years ago at 22:

Kate is being spun around in a scene from the film titanic

Kate Winslet today at 46:

Kate holding her Emmy award for her work on the show Mare of EastTown

16. Jay-Z 25 years ago at 28:

Jay-Z crossing his hands and wearing a blue shirt and a chain as his photograph is taken

Jay-Z today at 52:

jay delivering his acceptance speech after being inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame

17. Celine Dion 25 years ago at 29:

celine smiles on the red carpet at the academy awards

Celine Dion today at 53:

18. Madonna 25 years ago at 39:

Madonna wearing a suit at the MTV Video Music Awards

Madonna today at 63:

19. Cindy Crawford 25 years ago at 31:

Cindy in the red carpet at the premiere of the movie fathers day in a sleeveless shirt, short skirt, and a sweater draped around her shoulders

Cindy Crawford today at 55:

Cindy on the red carpet at a museum opening in a striped dress

20. Julia Roberts 25 years ago at 30:

Julia Roberts doing a photo call at the Berlin Film Festival

Julia Roberts a couple years ago at 52:

21. Gwen Stefani 25 years ago at 28:

Gwen at the MGM grand hotel rocking small jewels on her face

Gwen Stefani today at 52:

Gwen in the judge's chair on The Voice competition

22. Brandy 25 years ago at 18:

Brandy at the cable ace awards in a slip dress and a coat with fur trim on the collar

Brandy today at 42:

brandy wearing a plaid suit dress and giving a peace sign to cameras at an eveent

23. Ricky Martin 25 years ago at 26:

Ricky wearing blue jeans and a leather coat as he sits against a wall

Ricky Martin today at 50:

Eicky is seen in NYC in a suit and rocking a beard

24. RuPaul 25 years ago at 37:

Ru on the set of the rupaul show

RuPaul today at 61:

Ru has big blonde hair on the set of drag race

25. Halle Berry 25 years ago at 31:

Halle smiling at the eight annual fire and ice ball

Halle Berry today at 55:

Halle at the peoples choice awards in a low-cut sequined outfit

26. Diane Keaton 25 years ago at 51:

Diane smiling at the women in film awards

Diane Keaton today at 75:

Diane waving to the cameras as he walks the red carpet of a LACMA event

27. Julianne Moore 25 years ago at 37:

A pregnant Julianne at the sony theater in a floral-print dress and cardigan

Julianne Moore today at 61:

julianne at watch what happens live

28. Keanu Reeves 25 years ago at 33:

keanu is in a chair at the L'associe du diable premiere

Keanu Reeves today at 57:

keanu at the matrix revolutions premire

29. Reese Witherspoon 25 years ago at 21:

reese smiles at the nowhere premiere

Reese Witherspoon today at 45:

reese on the late-night talk show kimmel live

30. Glenn Close 25 years ago at 50:

glen at the blockbuster awards rocking a suit and tie

Glenn Close today at 74:

glen at the reveals and revelations fundraiser

31. Nicole Kidman 25 years ago at 30:

nicole holding hands with Tom Cruise as they walk a red carpet

Nicole Kidman today at 54:

nicole with her husband keith urban at the premiere of Being the Ricardos

32. Matthew McConaughey 25 years ago at 28:

matthew at the seven years in tibet premiere in a plaid blazer

Matthew McConaughey today at 52:

matthew  on the jimmy fallon show

33. Sandra Bullock 25 years ago at 33:

sandra wearing a floral gown at a red carpet event

Sandra Bullock today at 57:

Sandra at the unforgivable premiere with darker hair

34. Brad Pitt 25 years ago at 34:

A clean-shaven Brad at the meet joe black premiere

Brad Pitt today at 58:

Brad rocking a beard at the oscars

35. Alicia Silverstone 25 years ago at 21:

Alicia rocking a pantsuit and matching wide-brimmed hat as she walks in front of a crowd held back by a barrier

Alicia Silverstone today at 45:

Alicia poses on the red carpet of a New York Fashion Week event in a short sequined dress and blazer draped over her shoulders

36. Jen Aniston 25 years ago at 28:

Jen in a light-colored top and rocking ombre hair

Jen Aniston today at 52:

jen at a hollywood reporter event posing with an award